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Question About : GANN SQUARE - Help Please ?

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I'm having a problem with navigating around a Gann square. Its

especially frustrating because it seems like the solution I am after

should be very simple and yet it is eluding me.


I have found online a number of sites that say that a certain method

will work and yet I have tried it and it clearly does not, or at least it

does not work entirely the way its claimed.


For example, this site, among many others ;




States the following (please see my continuation of my message after the below quotes ( " ) and ( .... ) ;



"Basically, if you want to move around the coordinates on the Gann

Wheel you take the number you are interested in ( such as the all

time High or Low price) take the square root of the number, then add

or subtract 2 from the root and resquare the result. Example: Lets

say that we are interested in the price 664 (which is in the vertical

column straight up from the center). The square root is 25.768 + 2 =

27.768^2 = 771 which is the number directly above 664 or one full

360 degree cycle out from center. If we subtracted 2 from the root

and re-squared the number (25.768-2= 23.768^2 = 565 ) we would

get 565 which is directly below 664 or one full 360 degree cycle in

towards center. Incorporating the Gann Emblem with this technique,

allows us to calculate coordinates that are


conjunct (360 = +/- 2 from the root),

opposition (180 = +/- 1 from root #),

trine (120= +/- .666) (240= +/- 1.333),

square (90 = +/- .5) (270= +/- 1.5)

sextile (60 = +/- .333) (300 = +/- 1.666).


This technique is extremely useful for finding coordinate squares on

the Gann Wheel that are making hard aspects to a previous position

on the wheel. Also, Gann believed that the numbers that connected

the square base of the pyramid (the 4 corners of the square, i.e.

corner #’s.) to the “gravity center” and also the numbers that ran

straight vertical and horizontal from the “gravity center” in the form

of a cross (cardinal numbers) were very important in balancing “Price

& Time” on the wheel."



So I tried all of the above, and the only part that worked was the

first one, the conjunct ;


conjunct (360 = +/- 2 from the root),


None of the others worked at all, and certainly not with consistency.


See attached graphic.


Basically what I want to do, is described in Figures (A,B,C) of the



Regardless of the number placed in the center of the square grid, Id

like to be able to go to any given square in a given grid and then

from that grid cell be able to orient in any angular direction outwards

and to any nth square.


I can do this easily enough for the conjunct, for example, note the

green arrows in figures A,B,C


All I have to do is change ;


conjunct (360 = +/- 2 from the root),




conjunct (360 = +/- 4,6,8,16,32 from the root), to get the next cell

in any nth square vertically up or down


However if I want to find any value outwards on angles of 45, 90,

180, 30, 60, 120


Note the the orange and red arrows for example


I cant get accurate or even close values consistently to be derived.


There must be some way to find out for instance, using the Gann

Square, what the first, second, third, etc... order of value is at say

60 degrees outward from any value placed in the center grid


There must also be some way to select any given cell coordinate on

the grid, and then from that cell, from any angle outwards find out

what the first, second, third, value is for any nth square radiating

outward from that point would be.


Can someone help me with this? I've looked everywhere and it must

be a simple solution?


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Yes,well it is a tricky question.Don't be discouraged by the lack of answers thus far because i can assure you that there are plenty of guys on here who have put an enormous amount of effort into solving the deep complexities of the seemingly obvious.

Now,i must make a confession right from the start here I am no Gann expert and i did have the bruises on my forehead to prove that at one time...:)

But some things did seem quite clear to me and so some basics got solved which made it unnecessary(spellchecker..,are you sure:confused:) to ever ask such complex questions such as the one you posed.

In simple terms then,to gain the deeper insight you seek,it is far better to get the basics right in the first instance.SO...let me straighten your tie on a couple of points.

You mention the square,and of course Gann was very fond of squares..and circles...uh triangles,fans,angles..pyramids,fibonacci,Elliott waves,..Wheels (wheels of confusion some might say ,and Sabbath did ,never could replace Ozzie could they?).some tape reading i hear....and ultimately a stop loss.

But did you know that Gann actually hated simplicity...as a basic concept? Ever seen a photograph of the man? (Gann,not the guy in the Lou Reed song).He looks like a serial killer,in fact there's a rumor that he might have been old Jack himself (the Ripper,not Hershey)

Never completely trust anyone with thin lips.Lips that are tight,lips that are sealed,unless there's a seminar in session or a negotiation with a client regarding disputed fees.Not that i'm against secrecy as a concept,,or tight ..Livermore sat tight...what can i say? I'm all for making money sitting down rather than running around these days..ipods/shmypods...


Wow,only Gann can turn seemingly sane people into gibberish junkies...it's like a virus,read one chapter of Gann = talk a foreign language,Maybe i'm too sensitive,the kind of person who,if they use too much salt,can actually feel their arteries start to harden.,


Listen,i'll be brief,because it's a certainty that one of us will go insane well before they ever solve the mystery of Gann or finally work out who Jack the Ripper was.

To solve a case,and in this case,a case in point- forget the square,the circle..all that,let me tell you (and i only just worked this out accidentally (spellchecker...you little bugger) very recently while experimenting down in the Lab..

.IT'S A HELIX..GOT THAT!!! ??? :doh::roll eyes:


You read it right and you read it here first Helix. AND..this is extremely important - it runs anti clockwise.Think about it.....Hindsight ..the left of the chart? what has happened before must repeat.. " **** " happen again

See the chart..the chart damn it..price was on the line..chalk flew up..sound familiar? history repeats..1929...2008 2014 (mild,minor,nothing to see move along please)

You wont thank me now,i know that.Pearls before swine,freeloaders,the silent majority (here) but soon,and for the rest of your life...You know?


But hey,..you're right,don't go with the crowd,ask you're own questions..go your own way (take a mac if you're going to Fleetwood)



Pm me if you need an umbrella,a lot of guys here tend to spit a lot when they hear Gann's name get mentioned....You never saw me right?;)


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The explanation on that Square of Nine doesn't explain any truth, and just because there are ratios don't mean it works. You have to know the deeper numbers behind the Time Matrix, and W.D Gann never explain the details. I am going to prove to you that the Square of Nine requires algebra equation, but you're better with a blank sheet paper than starring at the chart. The Master Seal Unlock or better off I'll prove tops and bottoms free for a month right here. good luck friend :missy:

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I don't really know anything about Gann.


I just thought that I would post after reading this thread. I am a bit confused. Just reading these few posts makes me a little scared to read any more on Gann as it looks incredibly alien to me. Can I ask, what use is a Gann square? What is it for? I initially thought it was one of those 'sudokou' puzzle things.


Isn't trading amazing, with all the different ways there are of deciding whether to buy or sell.


Sorry that I can't help in the slightest, but I wish you the best of luck.

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I am going to prove to you that the Square of Nine requires algebra equation, but you're better with a blank sheet paper than starring at the chart. The Master Seal Unlock or better off I'll prove tops and bottoms free for a month right here. good luck friend :missy:


Hi PQL111

Looking forward to your proofs.

And what is "The Master Seal Unlock?

kind regards


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Lets put it this if you're going to study the way of Gann you're better be able to put the Universe right in your head. Some are unable and quit farewell quickly because they do not have the soul for it. Infact if I ask you some of the deepest things in regards about the Universe will you be able to answer them. Can you look ahead of time and prior to the past and line it up to the present while gaining instant knowledge about the world we live in and the soul of the self. To study the way of Gann is the way of the " One"....do you know where the wind blows and whether the dew it comes from ? Do you what the Flower of Life means ? Do not use any kind of technical analysis unless you're saying they predict the future. Do not use any of any engineer or market analyst. Just do things in the seasons that come for specific things that exits in accordance to its nature. I am fighting real causes that lie deep hidden in this mind that you don't even know. To be artist knowing the beauty and the order as well the chaos.....do you know what soilder of God is in control of the order and chaos in this world ? You know who govern and hold the scales of the nations that decide if peace or war ensue ? To understand a single number and its vibration is the beginning to understanding anything on a Square of Nine Gann. Number is Vibration and it is our primodal existance in bondage to space and time in the flower of life.

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Hi PQL111

Looking forward to your proofs.

And what is "The Master Seal Unlock?

kind regards



Just follow the blog and go into the archives...all tops and bottoms will be there before it all occurs. All this just explains is when a change of direction is going to happen and if its a top or bottom. It won't tell how high or how low in advance, because I have not broken into price vibration rate yet. I have conquer time and space thus far, but if I am going to break into the later than I have really prepare myself. Some times it is looking at meaning into one self and asking questions, but I come to these things because of my Spirit and Soul allows me. You have to be deeply honest and express things to self to make this kind of knowledge come to you. I do not boast neither do I care except to be just what I am. I don't know why God made me to be able I am just able. Just except the fact of truth in anything, but know what is good and best or great for all. All is One

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