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  1. Hi Ingot, I'd say how's it going, but I read your post. So I assume it's not going quite according to plan. I'm doing alright - not making loads yet, but I kind of hope to. I know that I can do this. I know that I can make money doing this. I know that I can improve my life and the lives of others using the money which I can take from the markets. It's fun (when it goes right it is fun, when it goes wrong it's not so much fun... but I am getting better at seeing it all just as stuff that happens in my professional trading life (I am trying to think like a professional, act like a professional, be a professional)). As you say though, it's hard, perhaps impossible, to begin from a position of not much capital. Also, if it turns out that you don't really enjoy trading, then perhaps it's not for you anyway - turn your talents towards something more rewarding to you. Everyone's different, apparently. The way I've been doing trading recently is to try and think what other people would do in the situations, and trade contrary to them - at the right time (which seems to be easier said than done). I think that it might be that everyone needs to find their own way because while we're all wired similarly, my ideas and thoughts and make-up might be different to you. I don't really know what I'm talking about, and there are much smarter people than I on TL. But I figured that Db Phoenix seems to know a lot so I read most of the stuff he's written, along with Wyckoff and Humphrey B Neill, and people like that. Tape reading without indicators. Trading based on the behaviour of other traders. Note that any errors or losses are entirely my own, those guys I mentioned and others like them who I have learnt from and who helped me think about trading are just really helpful interesting people. I have sole responsibility for everything that I do (good and bad). But I have to tip my hat to people like that for opening my eyes to different ways of looking at trading & life. I don't want to encourage you to do that as it might just be another rabbit-hole, because I'm not totally sure that I can do it consistently myself, yet. I have had some success, but I'm not sure when I can say that I'm a fully licenced and accredited trader with a degree from the trading school of life. Perhaps another couple of years. Perhaps it's an ongoing thing that I'll have to work at forever - but I imagine that once I get very good, everything should work smoothly without too much effort (kind of like being good at any job, or riding a bike over rough terrain - I get a feel for how the bike will react to different circumstances and I react without thinking about it when something unexpected happens. I do understand that it is possible to lose accounts and I try to stick to my ideas and not to risk too much - although I have just put on a big position the other day because I got overconfident about being able to anticipate / predict the market. Which is perhaps a silly thing to do - when I take too large a position and instead of losing £200 I lose £1000 then my judgement and thinking is clouded and I may start feeling down. A euphoric feeling that I had last week probably contributed to me taking on too large a position. At least I now know what euphoria feels like! So next time I get that feeling (I hope I will!) I hope I will be able to recognise what I am doing, and try to trade accordingly (perhaps I will write a note to tell me what to do in such a circumstance, so I don't act in a manner which gets me into trouble). Just some thoughts there from me. I'm still working doing another job (self employed) and it's hard to juggle that with trading and everything else that I have to do. But being busy is fun. I've got lots of interesting books on lots of subjects which I want to read. How am I going to get the time to read them! I keep buying books on all sorts of strange subjects And lots of other things to do. I should be doing other things now, so I'll leave you in peace and get on with it. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy yourself Perrin
  2. I think that if someone has focus they have a chance to get good at trading. If they know their own weaknesses and strengths they have an opportunity. But as you say, people have to want to help themselves get there. I still find it hard to believe that most people cannot see the wood for the trees. I really would like to get better at this. I have learnt a huge amount from you Db. If one reads through all your posts with a willingness to learn and think, and to help others - posting about your own trades is a good start and, I guess above all, being honest - then I'm sure that anyone can become whatever they want to. Regarding 20 years later Db, I don't know because I've not been trading that long. Surely it cannot have gotten worse, though? I imagine that the people at the top of the tree are similar, just different faces perhaps.
  3. Henry Ford was an incredible man, his plain common sense approach is an example to everyone.
  4. I am impressed Hey my message is too short! Now it's not.
  5. The US needs to be more equal to get out of the recession, I imagine
  6. Perrin

    APPLE Target: 202$.

    If he rose and fell, he could rise again.
  7. Oh, Presidents Day is George Washington's birthday? Happy Birthday, George! Um, sorry I was a bit late but I only just found out. Better late than never though, eh.
  8. One person's sense, if seen from another completely different viewpoint, is non-sense. And if one acts completely out of kilter with the beliefs of others then they won't have the faintest clue what you're on about and they will probably ridicule you, or ignore you, or stone you to death, or whatever. Ok I'm getting there slowly. Fun this, ain't it? Maybe I should create my own journal thread, I'm not sure I should be saying this stuff here where there is serious trading to be discussed. Ok I'll do that later. Apologies for any intrusion, just ignore me. *Trader finding himself, nothing to see here, move along now ladies and gentlemen.* Wow this is so cool. Ok ok I also realise that I probably need to be careful & sensible about this. But my god, this could be fun.
  9. It was just normal carrot cake made with carrots, honestly (Mitsu told me in a pm to, uh, think before I post). Which made me smile. Winners don't use drugs! It was just that I was up until 3am thinking, reading posts, working. Reminded me of when I was back in Uni staying up all night trying to rush through a project which needed to be handed in the next morning. I am completely tired out this morning. I've said to myself before that I probably shouldn't do that if I want to sound lucid. I probably sound like a complete nutjob. Awesome. Trading as a career path is amazing isn't it. Well you wanted another way of looking at price hopping around, there, that's one. Does anyone have any others? Who's to say if it's right or wrong? You are, dear reader. Why not think of price as a playboy bunny if you prefer, strutting up then strutting down, Then jumping up and down rapidly getting the crowd all excited. Then she stumbles over and the crowd go "oooh!" and they rush to help her up. Or if she's a bit ugly, they just let her fall. Whatever works for you, I suppose.
  10. We are all whatever we want to be. Not many people seem to say goodbye. It's nice when they do. If they're a master and say that they're leaving because they don't want to be here anymore, then that's nice because at least we don't find ourselves wondering what happened to them. Sometimes they leave for another board and we can go to that new board to see them. When we do that it's like meeting an old friend. If they're a novice and have decided that trading is not for them, then it's nice if they say goodbye because we can then wish them all the very best, in the hope that they leave trading to go on to do something that makes them happy.
  11. Eat carrot cake. It's delicious. Your chart is in a nice uptrend with price bouncing up like a happy bunny rabbit hopping up a stairs. Then after a number of happy hops the bunny rabbit seems to over-extend himself and does a leap from 1513 to 1530. The bunny then stumbles and falls. He goes through a resistance level. The ideal place for it to bounce again if it was to continue up, is around 1518 to 1513, isn't it? But it went through that, like the bunny treading on a rotten floorboard. The bunny gets a bit spooked and stumbles through to 1497. Then it picks itself up and carries on hopping, but it only reaches as high as 1525 this time – less than the high of 2 weeks ago. Bunny thinks there might be more rotten floorboards ahead. Uh oh, he falls through again, to 1485. Price then rises to the current point and we wonder what's going to happen next. What would you do if you were the bunny rabbit? What would I do? I have no idea really. Uh, that's pretty lame of me. Ok... Well, it could be that the 1485 level is a longer term support level. If the bunny goes back down but doesn't go quite that far, maybe he's still got some confidence in going upstairs, and will try again to go up further. It could be that 1525 will get tested again by the bunny and he could go through it (if he does and goes up past 1530 we might surmise that he's got his confidence back and he might start hopping up more. But he should be watched in case he's injured himself. If price comes back down from 1518 then it could go further, to 1513 then 1497, then if it goes further to or past 1485, he could then rally, slip, and plunge off the side of the stairs! Oh no! But don't worry, at least in this story (as he's a fluffy bunny) there is a trampoline and the bunny bounces back up again, a bit dizzy but not too badly hurt (although his wallet could be hurt depending on how much money he bet his mate that he could climb the stairs.) If you were a mischievous fellow you could send the bunny a message saying that there's a huge juicy carrot waiting for him at the top of the stairs, and see how he reacts. Actually I just noticed the earlier 1496 to 1514 to 1495 movement. Perhaps the bunny noticed a tasty lettuce leaf there and moved down an extra step in order to nibble it. That might have meant something, or might not. Because if it had been carrying on like the previous hops up, it would have gone from 1496 to 1514 to 1503, but it didn't, it went a bit further to 1495 (where the lettuce must have been) instead. Maybe that could have been an early warning indication of what might be in store for the bunny. Sorry for jumping in with bunny metaphors. I had a big piece of carrot cake this evening. Yum.
  12. We can attract the best traders here. Build it, and they will come (credit to ingot and his youtube vids section)
  13. Surely trading by size would come automatically if one were successful - if he masters himself and is consistently successful on all his trades (whatever his definition of success is). How could it not? If someone masters himself then they are whatever they want to be. Surely everyone has the potential to be anything they want to be. People gravitate towards success even if they don't completely understand why they do so, don't they?. It's gravity. I gravitate towards you Db because you are an incredibly bright shining light. Hmm, gravity. That's related to mass & size isn't it. "Size doesn't matter," or so my girlfriend tells me. She is much more intelligent (not to mention tactful) than I am so I'll have to rely on her judgement there. If a person had mastery then they would find a way to fill their position with whatever size they could handle. But one would need to be absolutely sure that they were doing the right thing at all times in everything they do - and I guess what you mean is that not many people can do that? To have awareness of what they & others will do in any given circumstance? To know where they want to be and what they want to be. Most people don't know, do they? They are just there. They just... They're just themselves (the majority are average?). Which is fine, nothing wrong with that. They are who they want to be. Um, what do I want to be? Oh right, ok. I remember. I'd better continue the journey. Long road, this. Interesting though. Hang on, another thought... but... if you can't have mastery, is there any point in even trying?? Do or do not...?? So why am I here? "It is your destiny" Ohhhhh great. So I have me to thank for this. Well thanks, me. You're welcome. Cheers. Sometimes I write things and then delete them because they don't make a great deal of sense if I come back to them later, or even on re-reading. Sometimes I do wonder about myself. Please someone delete this post if it will not be helpful to others, thank you. Kind of reminds me of Mission Impossible's 'this message will self destruct in 5 seconds...' I'll keep it in my own journal anyway because it kind of makes sense to me. My apologies for confusing anyone (or myself) if I read it again in the future (as opposed to the past) and it makes even less sense. Saying that, Mitsubishi also talks a lot of perceived nonsense so at least I'm in good company
  14. Knowledge and awareness? A trader needs knowledge and awareness of others, himself and his profession, I think
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