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  1. Sandro

    APPLE Target: 202$.

    Hi, i'm in agreement with you!!
  2. Sandro

    APPLE Target: 202$.

    Hi, maybe, but it is a technical reflection. However in the short term, i will open new long position at 360$. See you soon. Bye bye, Alessandro.
  3. i'm in agreement with Bj139. I think that the first short target of Apple is 360$ in few weeks. I am sure! It can reach also 202$ in the long term, but i'm not sure of this. I opened a short position at 660$ and I closed it yesterday. Today, i opened a new short position at 465$ and i would want close it at 410$ in the next days. Only when Apple will reach 360$, i will open a new long position. I hope my reflections are useful for you. Sorry for my no good english! Bye Bye, Alessandro.
  4. Sandro

    APPLE Target: 202$.

    Hi, I don't know...Second my analysis it can reach that long term target. Probably I am making a mistake...I don't know. However, i am sure that it reach 360$ in few week. So, sorry for my no good english, i hope that you understand me See you soon Bye bye
  5. Hi, The Apple's target is 560$ and then 480$. The final long term target is 202$. I think so...And you? Bye bye
  6. Hi, I think that the Apple natural target well be 202 $. In the short term it can reach 560$ but in the long term the targets are: 480$, 320$, 200$. I attached my analysis. What do you think about my charts? what do you think about Apple? I have a short position from 640$. Sorry for my no good english. Have a good day.
  7. Hi, this is my first message, but I fallow this forum from many time. Second me it can reach to 520$ or max 560$ but then it will fall down to 460$. In the monthly timeframe the final long term target is 202 $. am I crazy? I don't know, but I think that this prediction can came true. Sorry for my no good English. I attached two graphics with my personal trend line and analysis. Have a good day.
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