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FX John

Opinions on Superfxrobot

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Hello all, I'm quite new to trading and someone advised me to get a robot. While doing my research, I came across superfxrobot EA and got some positive feedback. Then ther person recommended it to me and said it's very good and that he's been earning money with it everyday. Now i'm thinking of buying it myself but want to know others opinions on that EA. Is it really good as they say?


Thank you.

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Given it's your first post I do wonder if this is an attempt to be promotional.


However, I'm going to allow it and see if anyone wants to weigh in - I can tell you the ongoing consensus is there's yet to be a successful EA over any length of time. Doesn't mean it's not possible but there is a lot of optimization that goes into most of them to make it look impeccable until the unexpected happens and you have a massive drawdown. Whether that EA is any different I'll leave it to others to weigh in since I have no firsthand knowledge. I do see they give logins to various accounts that you can monitor so perhaps someone else will look into that and let us know their opinion.

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Here is a post from Zulutrade at forexpeacear

    "I opened their MIG investor password
    Login: 89844
    Password: invest1
    IP: real1.migbank.com:443
    The robot is losing money. I am not talking about the money they withdrew or the open losing trades. Its a losing robot. "SCAM"
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Here is the statements I uploaded it on rapidshare for the account above!!"





On another site there were some "its great posts" but they were from 1 post posters (read probably spammers).



The other thing you should never forget is "real accounts" can be faked. 1. They may have traded something else. 2. They may run 3 devices and then pick the one that went well over the last xx months.

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I have fall into this scam from Automated forex system | Forex trading robot | Best forex software | Superfxrobot - Automated forex system | Forex trading robot | Best forex software. This SuperFxRobot Expert Advisor is a scam robot coming from the guy by the name of Dominic. Please stay away from this robot because it will not work in a live account. Many broker have ban the use of this robot and you won’t be able to get it up and running in a live account. It works on Demo account and make you big money but not live account. 95% of the trades will be cancelled and won’t get through on live account. Simply it won’t make you money at all. If his results is too good to be true….it properly is a scam robot.




You have to find a fast data feed broker and a slow data feed broker and you trade on a slow data feed broker and take advantage of the few pips difference between these two brokers. They give you recommended combinations of brokers but all these brokers know about this robot abusing the system and have ban the robot from trading and it will not put on trades at all.


Please read the disclaimer and terms & conditions carefully because it said that don’t expect similar results as he get and no refund. Simply it means he allowed to take your money whether you make money or not, he doesn’t care. Offer to support but little he can do because the software simply will not work. Please aware that you will not get a refund even if they know that its not working or make you money. I am a victim of this scam so if you want to contact me my email address is ruht03 AT hotmail DOT com


I HAVE SAVED YOU US$2000 by warning you of this scam robot call SuperFxRobot. I have learnt a lesion for not doing my research before spending US$2000 which is a lot of money for something that don’t work in a live account – ITS JUST AN EXPENSIVE TOY


A pretty risky business to spend US$2000 for something that you don’t know how it work. I have lost money in this website that I won't be seeing a refund. I write this so others will not be taken advantage like I was.



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