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  1. Currently using Avafx, so far, I cannot complain.
  2. I think it wouldn't make that huge of an impact since they will just be replaced with new ones.
  3. Great! I think I have the same or close to that too.
  4. Thanks for that. I just hope that they'd change that though.
  5. Let's see how it plays out in the long run though.
  6. Checking this out right now. Let's see how this works out overall.
  7. Looks good. Has someone already tried opening an account this month?
  8. Has anyone else tried this yet? It would be nice if someone can post a short review regarding your experience here.
  9. Is there any chance that the minimum could be lowered down?
  10. Demo trade should not be skipped out if you want to make it at Forex. This is a must for beginners.
  11. This is such a good news! Looking forward to this.
  12. It's just too bad this broker went out of business. For what it's worth, it was a good run for them.
  13. Will be checking this out. I'm a bit optimistic with the outcome by the way.
  14. I checked their OpenBook system and looks like this is a good one. Nice place for training. We can easily copy a trader.
  15. I think I have tried this way before. And it doesn't work. Maybe that's the reason why nobody replied here.
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