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  1. Yeah that can be a way out - really, try it out!
  2. I think that is really what it is, and this post gives some opinion and I personally agree with it.
  3. I think you shouldn't do it on your own, maybe the best way is gonna be to ask help from the professionals? Probably they will do it in a better way, and you will make your lunch time free from watching your screen!
  4. That is really interesting practical question, thank you for posting it!
  5. That's a pity there are not so many exanples, otherwise it would be very nice
  6. I think it's really interesting thread, it's a pity there are not so many shared stories. But it is always nice to know other people experiences
  7. To the very first post, i think books are helpful but not in the beginning of the activity, in the beginning there will always be some period for trials and mistakes which you have to go through, if you don't face such problems then you are probablyreallyyyyy lucky, so there is no only one definite way to learn MM((
  8. I personally think that going through all of that is really hell, but on the other hand if we stayed calm and indifferent to the risk and troubles there won't be sense in risking at all, because this fear is essential part of this process. All that we can do is simply to endure! Good luck to everyone!
  9. Oh, yeah that would be really useful information!
  10. That's really interesting idea, in my opinion, and it may exist, there is something about it
  11. That's a pity there's no reply, in fact after one month reviewing it seems to be really interesting product
  12. Yeah, I bet, that would be pleasant surprise not only for you
  13. This is really interesting and useful thing to read, thank you again
  14. I completely agree, that is really good question
  15. That could actually work, I think
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