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  1. Was wanting to get thoughts from anyone whom has used both, was considering going with ninja trader, my needs consist of being able to assess volume as well as viewing market profile. Mostly I am looking at it from a swing trading stand point, appreciate any advice in this regard.
  2. Altho I hated your response at first, the truth hurts, hahaha. I am a firm adherent of believing in finding reasons for an idea being wrong before being right. I think this helps and hinders me at times at the same time, as that saying goes, the market has a way of shaking out the weak hands. I am gradually building my base of ideas for entry and exit based on market profile, volume and a couple of moving averages, but I am still a skeptic. Not sure if I am a big believer in paper trading either, because having money on the line really really does effect your psychology in the moment.
  3. I am trying to decide what would be a good money management book. To give you all context:(About me and my objective, skip if you want) Mostly a losing trader with low winning percentage. I do not have time to divulge the details other than my account has gone from 5100 to 3540, part of this has been from monthly platform fees. I mostly trade in the morning during the first 2 hours of the US trading day. I trade futures, ES and TF, but now mostly TF as, at least to me, it seems to trend pretty well. My preferred style would be a swing trading with 3 point profit objectives on the TF. That is my goal. For the time being, to getter a better sample size of how I trade, I am looking at moving to the NQ100 contract. I figure with my account size and to keep from becoming an ex-trader, this is the best course of action for me. My two considerations: Money management strategies for futures traders: Balsara A traders money management system: Mcdowell I want these to better develop my trading plan, and establish a performance metric for myself, so I can decide how best to trade. I have read some trading psychology books, which are good, but unfortunately, as with many endeavors in life, confidence is earned, and having some wins results in a less hesitant trigger finger, which is what I need. Hopefully I have provided enough info. here, all suggestions are appreciated. My intention is to order one of these books from amazon, right now, I am leaning towards balsara's book since it mentions futures in the title, what do you guys think?
  4. I took the pro trader course, and I do like that you can retake, and ditto to other reviewers as far as worthiness of instructors. While their is only so much you can get out of a book, the only thing I did not like about OTA in retrospect is that they are kind of a power/pressure sales operation. Even while I was taking the pro trader course, at one part of the week, they did a one hour infomercial for their other stuff which kind of annoyed me. Especially if I am already allotting time off a busy schedule. If your brand new to all this, then it is decent. So my review is kinda mixed. Their is nothing that they teach that you cannot get out of a book, and if someone had a perfect trading system, it would be virtually priceless. Would I do it again, knowing what I know now? Not really sure. If anyone has a specific question about it, ask me.
  5. I have been reading a book called price action bar by bar, by al brooks. It seems pretty detailed, but like many reviewers on amazon mention, poorly edited.
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