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    I reside in Brazil. Lived there for about 3 years now. Great place, great people. :)
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  1. Thanks guys. But i am keeping this thread alive, as you have helped me do, because i want it to be on the homepage so that it is noticeable. So again, thanks.
  2. SAY SOMETHING KEVIN!! It turns out that within the past few days Kevin Haygreen (King) has approached two more potential students with a fee of $5000. During the trial he gave them on Monday, Kevin did not trade once and produced no statements that proved profitability.
  3. Hello! I'm back with exciting news! Kevin Haygreen is still at it! He has yet to show any of his students real trading and real trading statements. He threatens them with his legal team to not say anything on public sites! I am in close contact with students of Kevin Haygreens! Since my last thread, Kevin has deleted his blog, deleted all youtube videos, and changed his profile pictures. He has been absent from the mentorship going on 3 weeks now. He continues to make excuses for why he cannot be there. He has changed his name to Kevin King, which has been confirmed by someone who knows Kevin Haygreen (King) personally. He lives in Leeds, UK. BUYERS BEWARE! This thread will not be deleted this time around. Kevin has continued to seek new students, asking $5000 for remote mentorship and $30,000 for on-the-floor mentorship. He has now admitted that there is no floor but it is all online... His stories change every time they are told. He is a pathological liar, he is scum, he is a scammer!
  4. The Effective Trader "To be of no-mind” (mushin) means the “everyday mind” (heiji-shin), and when this is attained, everything goes on well. In the beginning, one naturally endeavors to do his best in handling the sword, as in learning any other art. The technique has to be mastered. But as soon as his mind is fixed on anything, for instance if he desires to do well, or to display his skill, or to excel others, or if he is too anxiously bent on mastering his art, he is sure to commit more mistakes than are actually necessary. Why? Because his self-consciousness or ego-consciousness is too con- spicuously present over the entire range of his attention which fact interferes with a free display of whatever proficiency he has so far acquired or is going to acquire. He must get rid of this obtruding self- or ego-consciousness and apply himself to the work to be done as if nothing particular were taking place at the moment. When things are performed in a state of “no-mind” (mushin) or “nothought” (munen), which means the absence of all modes of self- or ego-consciousness, the actor is perfectly free from inhibitions and feels nothing thwarting his line of behavior. If he is shooting, he just takes out his bow, puts an arrow to it, stretches the string, fixes his eyes on the target, and when he judges the adjustment to be right he lets the arrow go. He has no feeling of doing anything specifically good or bad, important or trivial; it is as if he hears a sound, turns around, and finds a bird in the court. This is one’s “everyday mind.”"
  5. Something I just read and thought it quite relevant to the pursuit of all of us: "And your doubt can become a good quality if you train it. It must become knowing, it must become criticism. Ask it, whenever it wants to spoil something for you, why something is ugly, demand proofs from it, test it, and you will find it perhaps bewildered and embarrassed, perhaps also protesting. But don't give in, insist on arguments, and act in this way, attentive and persistent, every single time, and the day will come when instead of being a destroyer, it will become one of your best workers - perhaps the most intelligent of all the ones that are building your life." - Letters to a Young Poet
  6. Some trading principles I picked up from an AHG posting: #1) Discipline at all times. Your most important rule, make no mistake, nothing surpasses this. #2) The Monster. Never ever average down, ever. Scaling in but not surpassing your original intended size and/or risk is ok. Make sure you know the difference. #3) Homework. Make sure you do your homework. Before the day begins you should have identified any major pivots, trendlines on anchor and daily charts. Especially the anchor chart. #4) Non optimal AHG days. Be extremely careful in days like FOMC, OEX or Holidays where the market is open. #5) Reversals. Do not call reversals unless a reversal formation forms and confirms around a major pivot or trendline support/resistance. Tattoo this on your forehead. #6) The trend is your friend and lack of trend your enemy. Do not ever go against the trend unless you have concrete reasons for doing so. ie. Major Pivot, Major Reversal Confirmed Formation. Learn to stay on the sidelines when the trend is not apparent ie. Choppy #7) Risk vs Reward. When trading you must deal with commissions, slippage, bad luck, bad calls. In order to compensate for this your reward must surpass your risk on all trades in AHG, no exceptions. #8) Control losses, and allow winners to run, this is imperative for consistent profitable trading. #9) Under no circumstances must you allow big losses, ever. Take your small losses like a responsible trader. It's not about accuracy. it's not about being right, it's about making money. Do not be afraid of small losses. #10) React to price, don't predict, let price guide you, don't ever try to guide price. #11) No bias. Begin the day with absolutely no bias, completely neutral. Ignore news, yesterday news or what your momma told you. #12) Enter wisely: New trades should be initiated in critical areas of support or resistance, this prevents noise from interfering with your price action analysis. It also eliminates, somewhat, the possibility of questioning the play - it should work or it wont, no second guessing. #13) Overleverage. This is completely unacceptable. Trade a size that is adequate to your trading capital. You must survive to trade another day to make it. No setup is worthy of overleverage, not even one. We fill our glasses with drops not splashes. You want to grow, do it slowly, preservation of capital above all. #14) Patience. It really is a virtue in trading. Patience for waiting for your best setups and patience for letting them reach your well planned targets. This is the cure for overtrading., If you could wait 8 hours a day to get paid little money at your past or present job you can surely do so in daytrading. #15) Winning attitude. A positive mental attitude is essential to succeeding over the long haul, and my definition of a winning attitude is a positive expectancy from our efforts. Take a moment before the trading day begins to see yourself making all the right decisions, waiting for the market to come to you, striking at the correct moment, etc. It's a good way to increase your focus and get into the 'zone'. #16) Determination: Pick a strategy, study it, analyze it, and apply it. Don't go switching your trading plan every week in hopes of reaching perfection, you'll become a master of none and end up nowhere and frustrated.
  7. In life, what there is to know is easily learnt if we use reasoning.
  8. Read Plato's Dialogue Meno, or do a Google search.
  9. Why would anyone put more emphasis on what a scholarly trader has to say than on a trader without any education? This is kind of sad and elitist.
  10. Thanks DugDug, my comment was not directed at any one in particular, i was just expressing my feeling after having read what the original post stated.To me, people should only seek help and not answers from others. Maybe i believe too much in the theory of recollection.
  11. Why not figure things out on your own and stop blaming others for not giving you what you are too lazy to find?? A question that should be added. I hate to see people lying to themselves.
  12. Try Tools > Options > Misc. > Reset instruments or database. I had a problem connecting to zen-fire two days ago and i fixed it by resetting the database. Could work for you.
  13. You have to type in the commission per broker manually... Tools > Options > Commission
  14. Funny, cause that is exactly what i am trading, but i'm riding it.
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