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  1. Interesting response to the request for statistics. An important point to note is that in real testing of a new therapy the question is asked "how many patients were better X months, years etc after the therapy." The warm glow of therapy tends to result in positive reports that are not sustained over time.
  2. I see that the last poster didn't actually answer the question. Its more of an advert for himself. Did he ever answer your question about the numbers trained and successful after a measured period? You can find Charles Strobel's 6 Second stress reduction technique here. Initially practice relaxation response to get to the calm state for a few weeks then when you are effective at it add CS's approach to link the calm states together in your mind. Repeat that for a few week to get it stuck before trying in anger. http://www.logisens.com/PDF/resources/stress_6secondreduction.pdf
  3. Any system that gives absolutely no control to the trader with respect to position sizing is one that provides the trader with an opportunity for learning. With a small account it is relatively cheap
  4. When you are buying them (not instantly or you can't buy enough to move price) the price rises forcing you to buy them higher. Then it sags back a little. When you sell this large number of shares price falls while you are selling. Then it sags back a little. Result: Nett commissions you lose money.
  5. the_z With two posts and no content but Capitalized, read shouted, assertions of great success you read like a spam supporter following google searches for your sponsor. If you want us to believe that you are a real user then how about posting some content. Details.
  6. Sanchez, I see that your favorite markets are futures and currencies. You also use heavy or light volume to trigger PA trade activity. What source do you use for Currency volume and how effective do you believe it to be? I ask because I saw a post on FF today where someone claimed that (Alpari) volume triggered their action on XAUUSD but someone else posted a gold futures chart that showed normal volume during the period alpari showed 2-3x normal daily volume.
  7. That makes the interesting question: why is it so hard to find eas that actually work? It seems to me that a majority of them pander to the desire of the new trader not to lose very often. Is that other peoples' experience or is it something else?
  8. Here is a post from Zulutrade at forexpeacear "I opened their MIG investor password Login: 89844 Password: invest1 IP: real1.migbank.com:443 The robot is losing money. I am not talking about the money they withdrew or the open losing trades. Its a losing robot. "SCAM" RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting Here is the statements I uploaded it on rapidshare for the account above!!" On another site there were some "its great posts" but they were from 1 post posters (read probably spammers). The other thing you should never forget is "real accounts" can be faked. 1. They may have traded something else. 2. They may run 3 devices and then pick the one that went well over the last xx months.
  9. Regulations allowed you to throw bad Bernie in jail.
  10. It is interesting to see that irt are software people not comms people. For most broadband connections the correct question is not: is your internet connection fast enough? Unless downloading (movies, porn, backfills (2 of these are probably illegal)) is how you judge your connection then absolute speed is not the issue. They will be fast enough (256k/1.5M and above) for operation and trading. The real issue is "what is the latency of the connection and what is the quality / reliability?" There are lots of fast internet connections out there that are not suitable for trading - because they give you a high speed but with poor or variable latency (read, ping time) because they overload the links, routers, etc.
  11. I'll be interested to read you thread mitsubishi. As long as you only start 1 or 2 threads here then you can pretty much setup anything you want to say and attackers will be justifiably shut down. It only the shotgun style thread sprayers who invite attack by their asinine spamming of the site.
  12. Its an ascii file. You need to use a charting program that can read it. Sierra Chart is one that you can get a demo of and read ascii files. Install the demo. In the edit menu it offers "import and load ascii data."
  13. Here is about 5 months of HSI data spliced with back adjustment (new contract on 2nd to last business day of each month). It is in 30 second increments although there may be a few periods with IB "tick" data. Note that the file format is 7zip (change the suffix .zip to .7z) which has much better compression of text. . HSI-201005-HKFE-TD.zip
  14. My earlier post got deleted because I mistakenly quoted Pat's scurrilous post including other's private messages. Thanks for that MMW and for responding to mine and thousands of other complaints. It seems that this thread represents how people see UrmaBlume and his repeat posts/thread starts of the same thing. Each time it wins. Each time its a miracle of Pat's genius. Each time hundreds of people pm him to tell him how wonderful and generous he is. Each time hundreds pm to ask for jobs. We all go Wow! What kind of fantasy do you need to live in to do this?
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