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  1. hey, guess life got in the way again. guess I missed the big recovery in the economy. With foreclosures soaring and unemployment virtually nonexistent, it's no wonder we shot up so hi. This is exactly why I personally don't listen to economic news or more accurately, the A-Holes on TV. The same morons that missed the collapse are now going to tell us when the recovery is going to kick in?? ppppffffhhhhhhh rrrrrright Anyway hope to get back to trading soon. Been enjoying some time with the folks the past few weeks as they are in town on a visit Be around tomorrow,. 79-89 level should be interesting..............see how price reacts there. same with 55-65 area
  2. nice run over the last few weeks.....100 points. End of the 3rd Quarter in a few more days eh. think htat might have something to do with it?? Did you say bonus? A-holes....all of em, lol Hope everyone was able to take advantage of the PA. Trying to settle out some personal stuff and hope to be back to trading real soon Good Trading
  3. Hey, It's been a while since I have made any real posts. Taking some time off @ the end of summer with all the nonsense that comes with it is never a bad idea. Also a few family issues with my dads health has taken a bit of my attn and focus from the mkts. Hope to be posting on a more regular basis soon, as if anybody cares Hope everyone was able to navigate the chop and low vol w/ success. Good Trading
  4. NFP should be nice this week lol
  5. Thanks Erie!!....u might need to explain it to me though:)
  6. where the hell is Beeks??
  7. Hey Biegea, There are a few, if not many, variable with each trader. how many contracts one trades, acct size and then the psychological impact that winning/losing trades have on a trader. I used to be a pure scalper in the equities mkts (SOES) in 1998-2003 and the transition has been difficult. When I switched to trading futures I started out with the Russell 2K and I felt it was more conducive to scalping. The ES is more liquid but also has more back filling and washout moves, imo. Having said that, I feel that trading the ES is either a 1-2 tick profit on size or stepping back and looking at the forest and trying to see the bigger picture. This is what I have come to realize and it has helped my trading tremendously. I don't roll the dice. If the mkt generated PA in an area I am interested in begins to change, I exit or I don't enter a trade. I use the 1 min chart all the time when it's time to look inside & see the bigger picture but if I manage the entire trade based on the 1 min then I usually have issues. When I take my entry, I'm either right or wrong. If the trade takes to long to develope or the auction is not behaving as I would have hoped it would, then I exit. I can always get back in if I realize I miss read the mkt. Hope that helps, if not I can take it a step further Good Trading
  8. interesting O/N PA going into the 10AM #. LVA 1117, HVA 1119.75 & 1123 & 1127.5
  9. ATR = 20. 135 min POC 91.75 area. Big LVA zone 96-1104 area on 135 min. the 405 show LVA at 02.25 and hva 94.5 so both TF have a certain amnt of confluence. Fri in the summer....have fun
  10. sorry for not being more up to date with my posts. hope to get back on track this week. I see the 1058.25 NPOC was taken out Yest NPOC is 1068 with a 1064 close which might be a gap depending on where we open. Currently trading at 1055.5 As discussed int he chat room last week, the 1065-1055 area is all on lighter vol. It's like a big lva and price might look to explore and trade as per the 405 min(daily) chart. hva below 52.75, 50.25, 46. hva above60.5, 67, 74 lva below 55.5, 43.75, 41.5. lva above 68.75, 75.75 ATR 19.25 gaps 1090.25 and 1024 with NPOC at 1039.5 Good Trading
  11. interesting day yest. looks like we filled the gap and then continued to new hi's on the day Pretty even vol dist between 1079 & 1088, with a small lva around 1084 Yest POC is 1082.25. We missed the NPOC at 1074.75 & 1058.25 so that is still in play NPOC at 1108, 1118 above as well news this AM and it's Fri. in the summer time. key in on the first 1 -1.5 hours unless range and vol indicate otherwise Good Trading
  12. I won't be around today. Nice O/N range....we had an 11 pt swing, a 10 pt swing and the other was a 9 pt swing....avg=10 pts lol The low being yest POC keep an eye on the 405 min...the 1102, 04.75, 09.25 above. The 91, 88.25, 83, 78 areas below watch the individual profiles for each day....gaps and NPOC.s, IB's etc Same old, same old Good Trading
  13. Holy cow!!! who woulda seen this coming???
  14. hope u guys have been doing well in this mkt. Range has pretty small for the past 4 sessions. HVA's have been great in attraction price on the 405 min. 1102.25 lva and 1110-1112.5 hva on the 405 above. 1083 lva and 1078 hva (POV) on the 405 below. ATR=22 The open price has been great the past few days. Did they set us up for the news on wed and thurs?
  15. Hey SR, I like to look at the DOM or T/S (time & sales) I look to see if there is size and if that size is trading. Again, the s/r levels are the important thing as the tape can simply be a head fake. I am only interested in the tape @ areas of interest. I also look at the harmonics/waves.....how far have we traveled vs the avg wave hgt. etc. Big vol into s/r is key for entries & low vol on bounces or pullbacks are equally important to help stay in a trade or re enter. this week I might not be around too much but I have been posting charts in the chat room...tough to do both but I will try do do so even if it's after mkt hours
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