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Modified Regular Trading Hours

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I have been thinking about doing studies based on a different set of trading hours for ES rather than 8:30 to 15:15 (RTH) and 15:30 to 8:30 Globex. I have noticed that on some days (especially straight up or straight down) that the move will often start before RTH. For example, 7:15am. If a trading day was built with different hours e.g. 7am to 15:15 modified regular trading hours (MRTH), then OHLC are different.


This will give different indicator values

(e.g. CCI, SAR, BOL Bands, ATR, etc. etc.)

also gaps will be different - and gap closings

and candlesticks will look different.


Before lauching off on this I thought I would ask people thoughts on it.


1. Perhaps someone else has already tried this and could share their thoughts.

2. Perhaps a better start time than 7am?

3. Other thoughts?[8D]



As always I would ask negative, bitter and closed-minded people to just move along to another thread without comment.

(Nothing positive or useful to say - then just don't say it.) Forum trolls need not apply.

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When big reports are released at 0730 CST, one will miss big chunks of moves inspired by the report data if one only trades the 0830 opening...


0600 CST is a pretty good time to start monitoring for breakouts using a 24 hour chart in my experience...





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