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Andrews Pitchfork (Median Line)

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Hello all

I like to open this thread for trading with andrews pitchfork on euro/usd

I have all median line books and e-book from Tim Morge, Greg Fisher and Gordon

I want to say i still practice but all my trading is live on mini account.

I hope we can help each other and i will try to post evry day with euro usd market update.


This is my chart euro usd 4h timeframe

I expect euro to go at sliding paralel then look for some confirmation for buy position






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Look forward to following along. Are those 4 hour bars?


Yes is 4h chart

I use big timeframe because i dont have time to sit evry day on my computer

i will update my chart latter i just come home


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How about using the tick or volume chart for 24 hr markets ? This way the inactive periods don't skew the charts.

I will like to use tick or volume but not in forex

Maybe when im master very well this tool i will go to other market

Regards and enjoy

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By the way i take nice entry on gbp/jpy

Normaly i dont look at another curency but this was so nice and still runing

right now +300 pips and my stop is +110 pips

Let see how will go this one

Anyone have another view ?


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re: "What data feed you use?"

Tradestation - I think they are on Gain datafeed... Don't know...I trade futures


Here's why I was asking about that fork

Had to fudge the bottom of the fork to get it to fit.

It took an unusually long time to develop / unfold

And was just wondering what the experts' impressions of it were??????


In the last hour, it has breeched the center line by a little bit on my chart

Somethings got to give soon - all three EURUSD, USDJPY, and EURJPY are going up. Usually two are contra directional and one drifting or two going in one direction while one goes in the other... I guess you could consider USDJPY the drifter for the day since it'e move is weaker but...



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The long and winding fork

that leads to this point...

"You left me standing here

A long long time ago

Dont leave me waiting here

Lead me to your door"


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I have euro daily chart but is not the same like yours

Your chart looks good


I use interbankfx live account

What data feed you use?


Hi, justcatalin


I Think the other chart had the bottom line simply adjusted down a bit to better fit (as a trendline) the price as it moved up.


Were you able to stick with the GY trade to get that target finally?? It'd take a lot of patience but what a great trade!!


Thanks for starting this thread--Can you say what entry rules that Tim Morge taught? Looks very promising.

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