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elder bar / mapping convert to easylanguage

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hey everyone

i need help , i use the tradestation platform and im looking for an indicator that called mapping or elder bar

you can see it on tradeview website as the picture i add ,this indicator should say about trend of increasing or decline and change the color of the background(green /red)

in addition if no one can find this indicator i will post the open code below and hopfully someone can convert it to easylanguage (i dont know what code this is)

thanks very much

study("Mapping 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.3 (v2.1)", overlay=true)
// Hi, This is my first pine script 
// It helps to map the first reference candles for the setups 9.1 9.2 and 9.1
// Many thanks to Mr. Alexandre Palex for the many public tutorials and videos about this setups.
// You can find a very rich reference in his blog http://atpalex.blogspot.com.br

// now, lets go to the mapping.
// 1) At first, we test if the ema 9 is up or dowm
//        if it is Up the background is painted yellow and you can find the reference candles for the setups
//        if it is down the background is Gray and you can find the reference candles for the setups
// 2) Then we compare the close, highs and lows if the candle match some of the setup rules, and if match we plot a sign in the reference candle with the name of respective setup, now you can decide in the next candle if it is eligible for an entry SHORT/LONG position. 
// Please few free to comment and tell me any inconsistency... 
// Later as soon I’m get used withe pine script I will improve this script with more and more features

// Best regards,
// Alberto van Drunen

//Exponential average calc & plot:
mm9exp = ema(close,9)

// seting the background to show the possible area of interest => growing ema9
growing = (mm9exp >= mm9exp[1] ? true : false)
bgcolor( growing ? yellow : gray , transp= 90 )

// Find a 9.2 reference start candle

// up 9.2 Find a Candle that closes under the prevous min 
trig92 = (growing ?  ( close < low[1] ? high : 0) : 0)
plotchar(trig92 , text='9.2' , color=green, textcolor=green)

//down 9.2 Find a Candles that closes above the previous max
trig92Down = (not growing ?  ( close > high[1] ? low : 0) : 0)
plotchar(trig92Down , text='9.2' , color=red, textcolor=red,  location= location.belowbar)

// find a 9.3 referenc candle
c0 = close
c1 = close[1]
cMax = close[2]
cMin1 = low[2]
//trig93 = (growing ?  ( (c1 > cMin1) and ( c1 < cMax) and ( c0 < cMax ) and ( c0 > cMin ) ? high  : 0) : 0)
trig93 = (growing ?  ( (c1 > cMin1) and ( c1 < cMax) and ( c0 < cMax )  ? high  : 0) : 0)
plotchar(trig93 , text='9.3' , color=blue, textcolor=blue)

cMinDown = close[2]
cMaxDown = high[2]

trig93Down = (not growing ?  ( (c1 < cMaxDown) and ( c1 > cMinDown)  and ( c0 > cMinDown ) ? low  : 0) : 0)
plotchar(trig93Down , text='9.3' , color=orange, textcolor=orange, location= location.belowbar)

// now lets find 9.1
changtogrow = ( growing and not growing[1] ? true : false)
trig91 = (changtogrow and (close >  mm9exp ) ? high  : 0)
plotchar(trig91 , text='9.1' , color=black, textcolor=black)

changtodown = ( not growing and  growing[1] ? true : false)

trig91Down = (changtodown and (close <  mm9exp ) ? low  : 0)
plotchar(trig91Down , text='9.1' , color=purple, textcolor=purple, location= location.belowbar)



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