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TOS into TradeStation Indicator ?

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I took a class with Don Kaufman of simpler options about pairs trading. I took this class only because I was interested about the indicators.


They send me the TradeStation and TOS indicators. The problem is that the TOS indicator is free of access but the TradeStation indicator is protected by password !


I told them that it was not fair for TradeStation users because we haven't access of the full indicator and we can not use it into the radarscreen, but they didn't care ! They did not even answer me properly. All they want it is to sell their crap.


Who is able to translate a TOS indicator into a TradeStation indicator ?



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Hi Frenchnewbie,


I can translate the TOS to tradestation. Please do PM with the code.





Here is the code:



declare lower;


input invert = no;


def value = close(getSymbolPart(1)) / close(getSymbolPart(2));

plot Ratio = if invert then 1 / value else value;




def ratioSum = ratioSum[1]+ratio;

def bars = bars[1]+1;

def ratioMean = ratioSum/bars;


plot mean = if !isNan(close) then highestAll(if isNan(close[-1]) and !isNan(close) then ratioMean else double.nan) else double.nan;



def SD = stdevAll(ratio);

plot plusOneSD = if !isNan(mean) then mean + SD else double.nan;

plot minusOneSD = if !isNan(mean) then mean - SD else double.nan;

plot plusTwoSD = if !isNan(mean) then mean + SD*2 else double.nan;

plot minusTwoSD = if !isNan(mean) then mean - SD*2 else double.nan;











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Dear Frenchnewbie, 

   I don't know whether that's the common word that you use with your brothers, as you people really get confuse when someone asks what's your father's name? and it's common there. But please mind your words when you write something in public.... I am extremely sorry for not replying to your last post, I am basically a tradestation programmer, and I thought I could help. But I didn't understand the above code 100%, which is why I didn't do. I apologize for not replying to your question.  If you are really not a        __________ then you have to apologize for using such a word. 

I didn't use TLaboratory for a very long time...

Good luck with your future.



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Hi Arun,

This is funny, because you never replied to my June 4th 2016 revival but it tooks a few hours to reply today...

You could just blam you. This is your denial who made me used this word. I felt "looted" by your false promise. 

But you apologized, so do I. No hard feelings. Pardon my French (which I am) :)

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