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  1. Buy Next bar always Buys on Next bar based on current bar's value. if you want to Buy at Nextbar's Open + 0.5, then use the following code. Buy next bar at at Open next bar + 0.5 Stop; setexitonclose; Hope that helps. Good luck. Mani.
  2. Hi, StartTime(1630) // 430 PM EndTIme(930) // 930 AM If T > ONightStart and T < ONightEnd then ONightSession = True; Time cannot be greater than 430 PM less than 930 AM(since we haven't mentioned any Date). Try this:- If T > ONightStart OR T < ONightEnd then ONightSession = True; Goodluck. Mani.
  3. Hi Richard, Post the ELD for us to help. Mani.
  4. Dear Frenchnewbie, I don't know whether that's the common word that you use with your brothers, as you people really get confuse when someone asks what's your father's name? and it's common there. But please mind your words when you write something in public.... I am extremely sorry for not replying to your last post, I am basically a tradestation programmer, and I thought I could help. But I didn't understand the above code 100%, which is why I didn't do. I apologize for not replying to your question. If you are really not a __________ then you have to apologize for using such a word. I didn't use TLaboratory for a very long time... Good luck with your future. Arun.
  5. Hi rajatheroyal, Buy ("LE") next bar at High Stop; The Buy Order is placed at the High, and if the price next bar hits the High then it will take entry. Let me know if that helps. TSDevNYC
  6. Hi, I am preparing for my CMT Level1 exams. I have created a small web application, with lots of Questions from the Technical Analysis Level 1 book. I will be adding more and more questions in the coming days.Those who are interested can SignUp and take exams for free. This is a new site and I am working on in continuously to improve it and hope to reach most of the TRADERS who wants to gain knowledge. So suggestions to improve the site will encourage me. Also I have non-Technical Questions for those who are preparing for other Exams. Here is the link:- http://quizzcomp.in/kickstart.aspx. Mail Id:- quizzcomp@gmail.com Looking forward to see your feedback and suggestions. Thanks a Lot.
  7. Hi All, For the last Ten years I have been programming, I specialize working with Easylanguage. I have a very comprehensive knowledge of the TradeStation platform. I charge a very competitive rate of $30 per hour. I greatly look forward to working with you to help achieve your goals in the financial markets. I also have some strategies for Futures(@GC, @SI, @CL, @US, @Y and @FDAX). If you are interested , I can send you the performance reports. My mail id is :- easylanguage.india@gmail.com Skype id :- tradestation_programmer Thanks, Easytrader_i
  8. Hi Frenchnewbie, I can translate the TOS to tradestation. Please do PM with the code. Thanks, Arun.
  9. Hi Pittrader, Var: Rng(0); Rng = range; If Rng >= (Rng[1] + Rng[2]) then Plotpb(High, Low, "Rng", Yellow);
  10. Hi Pittrader, Var:MA(0); MA = Average(Close,21); Plot1[1] (MA, "MA"). Regards, Easytrader_i.
  11. Hi Jacare, here we go.. Var: AvgVVol(0); AvgVVol = AverageFC( Volume, 5 ) ; if AvgVVol > 100000 then plot1(0) else noplot(1); cheers.
  12. HI, You can achieve this by using PlaceorderMacro Function.
  13. Hi einja, The first Buy signal would have taken at the very begining of the chart, Since there is No exit or reversal Orders, you cannot expect further Orders. Try placing an exit Order. For Example [HIGHLIGHT ORANGE][/HIGHLIGHT ORANGE]Setstoploss(1000) Good Luck.
  14. EasyTrader_I

    New MA

    Hi Pitrader, Input: Price(Close), Lenght(9), Displace(3); variables: double HullAvg( 0 ) , double NewAvg( 0) ; HullAvg = HMA( Price, Length ) ; NewAvg = Average(HullAvg, Length); Plot1[Displace] (NewAvg, "NewAvg"); Cheers.
  15. Hi, Have you tried setting up the "Max Load bars" ? It's in the Format your Indicator in the scanner.
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