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  1. Thank you. I made the changes you suggested and it worked in the Radar Screen AND in the Scanner.
  2. Hi, I have tried to change the MaxBarsBack setting fro auto to 50, 100 but still the same result. I did not find the Max Load Bars setting.
  3. Hello, I made a very simple indicator which plots the Number of Days inside the BB. The indicator is working fine when applied on a Chart Analysis but when I try to use it in SCAN it is giving me only 1 and 0 like it is calculating only the last bar. Any idea how can I make it work ? The code is: inputs: Length( 20 ),BBNumDevs( 2 ); variables: UpperBBand(0),LowerBBand(0),NumDays(0); UpperBBand = BollingerBand(Close,Length,BBNumDevs); LowerBBand = BollingerBand(Close,Length,-BBNumDevs); NumDays +=1; If Close > UpperBBand or close < LowerBBand) then NumDays = 0; Plot1(NumDays,"Fuse");
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