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  1. Hi Tradewinds, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for the support and resistance script. I had been looking this for a while. Can u please let me know how many bars it takes to plot the support or resistance. for ex, if we are plotting parabolic sars, the green dot or red dots are plotted after the three bars have moved ahead. its more like lagging 3 bars. Once again, your script help is greatly appreciated...
  2. BlueHorseShoe, Thanks for the reply. i used the following script: If t>=0800 and t<=1600 then I am based in Southern California, PST and its 3 hours behind the EST (New York time). So which time is the logic using. I see the trades being activated based on the PST (If t>=0800 and t<=1600). Can u please suggest.
  3. BlueHorse, I totally agree with you. You had been a great help to the beginners in the TradersLaboratory...
  4. I was using the following code [intrabarOrderGeneration = false] SetExitOnClose ; to close all orders whether long or short when session/day is ending. It was not being executed and had to call the tech support of TS and they mentioned that the orders have to be specifically closed by custom code something like if Time >= 1355 then Close all orders How do we write "Close all orders" in Easy Language. There could Long or Short Orders. I want all to be closed.
  5. Trading between 8AM and 4 PM I want to have the chart set to Regular Sessions so that the chart is updated all day. But i want my trades to be triggered from 8AM to 4 PM. I tried the following code and it didn't work: if ( Time >= 0800 ) And ( Time <= 1600 ) then I even tried the following and it didn't seem to work. if time >= SessionStartTime( 0, 1 ) and time < SessionEndTime( 0, 1 ) then Any help could be of immense thing to my learning experience...
  6. I want to change the "1 point stop" to a variable. Buy ("MyOrder") next bar at PivotHigh + 1 point stop I want to change the "1 Point Stop" to take the value from a variable.
  7. I am using stochastics slow and want to check if the slowK and slowD are both zero and then after a while when the slowK is higher than slowD, i want to place an order. For ex. 1. slowK and slowD are both at 0. 2. after the first criteria is set, when slowK > slowD, i want to place and order. 3. i want to sell after 3 bars. 4. or stop loss after 1 bar in the opposite direction. Also is there a way to have global variables that can be set and used in the program.
  8. I want to see if there are green or red renko bars and then place an order (buy or sell) based on the colors. if there are 2 or more green, then buy and sell after 10 pips. If 2 or 3 red bricks then short and buy back after 10 pips. In both cases, i want the order to be bracket order. Ex: 1. View/see 2 Green bricks (Price is 1.375) 2. Place an order to buy mkt (or at price doesnt matter). 3. When order is filled, Sell if price goes to 1.365 or 1.385. I want to thank you for helping me.
  9. Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction on how to place orders based on the renko bars direction. I am a conventional programmer new to Easy Language.
  10. Does anyone know or share some code where i can place orders based on Renko Bricks. I want to see up or down bricks and trade or place an order.
  11. i am using a simulated account of tradestation. do u know if i can place orders in sim. acct using the code u sent. nothing happens when i run the strategy. i am wondering if the script can be used for just back testing or can we use it for placing orders real time also.
  12. I am trying to implement a simple strategy for learning purposes as i am planning to build on this script, it does not place orders. I am using Simulation Account. I have checked the Automation >> Generate strategy orders... to Yes and Automate execution using "SIMAXXXXX" account wuth confirmation On. Here is the code from the Strategy. If The Close < High of 1 Bar Ago then Buy ("My Entry") 10000 shares Next Bar at Market; Any help is highly appreciated.
  13. i have a long position. i get "not Executed 0.00" printed in the output window. marketposition does not return 1 when i have a long position. if MarketPosition = 1 then BEGIN Sell All Contracts Next Bar At Market; Print( "yes Executed" ); END Else BEGIN Print( "not Executed", marketposition ); END
  14. When the chart is being printed, how can we print a lable on the screen. I am writing some indicator which plots the dot using the Plot1 Method. I want some text written on top of the dot something like "Pivot High (1.3531)" in my case. I want the text as a label.
  15. UrmaBlume and BlueHorse, Your guys are amazing. Thank you and i read your replies before too on other posts. Keep up the good work. This is what i was looking for. I see a trend on the chart and it could be a 3rd run or 15th run in that day. once i jump in, it needs to execute once and then get out. This is the psuedo code. 1. see the chart pattern (eyeballing and manual). 2. Execute the strategy: { Short Sell at specific price. After some time buy back the same stock } >> This brasis code should be run once and the strategy should be exited or dys-functional.
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