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  1. hi guys..i want to backtest a simple system....i have only end of day data ....my conditions are as follows:i just want to buy 50 points above open ..each day... and exit at end of day ....for this i tried the following code[ intrabar order is enabled in the setttings]//===========================================if marketposition=0 then buy next bar at open +50 stop;setexitonclose;//===========================================the problem with this code is that suppose on a day buy condition is not met on a particular day..it doesnt cancel the order and buys next day using previous day open adding 50 to it...(instead of using current day open...)how to solve this?this is very very simple system..how to code this...
  2. thanks but i just want to backtest a system.in offline mode..for that only i am asking..i am not asking about real time orders and real trades... I just want to backtest a simple system... which buys on the break of previous day high ... if H> H[1] then buy this bar at the high of previous bar;(but TS accepts only orders based on close of bar) but i want to buy not on close but instead as soons as market breaks the high of yesterday ...so is it possible in tradestation ? if i had intraday data i could use [intrabarordergeneration=true] but since i have eod data alone whats the solution ....
  3. i have eod data alone...and i want to buy if high of this bar is greater than high of yesterday...i want to buy on market as soon as previous day high is broken....is it possible to give such order? Tradestation seems to accept orders on close of the current bar it seems...is there a solution.... if H>H[1] then buy at H[1] at current bar this is all i want ....i dont have intraday data....
  4. How to setup NYSE tick indicator in Multicharts?But i dont want to use all stocks but just some 10 stocks to form the Tick indicator.can anybody tell me how to do that.
  5. Can you please post the link to VPOC indicator ?I searched but couldnt find
  6. HI guys,I am in need of Volume at Price(VAP or VPOC) indicator for Tradestation.Can anybody tell me where its available.
  7. Day trading is also a profession.If u are not able to find time for trading then better not to trade.As far is Market Proflile is concerned it requires full attention and concentration regarding , anticipating market structure in advance and act accordingly.so if u can spend time then only think of trading. Happy Trading;
  8. You are correct Tams.I understand that u want others to think and work before asking any question,but when we are urgent and want immediate results we sometimes think "why not post in a forum any experienced person will answer". Sorry Tams if i have wasted ur time here after please ingore my questions in the forum.
  9. Thanks sir,but this is for US market i think.I m from India and i wan to check indian holidays for the past data so for that is there any fuction or how to give condition that if a day is holiday then do so and so.
  10. yes i know that.But i have to give condition if 10 th is a holiday then buy on the next working day.So for that i have to check if 10 th was a holiday or not this the problem.
  11. I wanted to test one long only strategy which buys on 10th of every month.But the problem is suppose the 10 th is holiday it should buy at next working day.Can anybody help me to know how to give the condition that 10th is holiday:confused:
  12. Hi guys.Is it possible to get the bars one by one in multicharts ? (bar by bar simulator) i want to see in the middle of a trading day what whas the indicator showing at that time .can any body help plese:)
  13. Thanks.Yes problem was with exchange setting.Now solved .
  14. Hi guys,our indian market starts at 9.55Am and ends at 15.30 pm. when i open , say hourly chart in multicharts it shows bars first bar time is 10.55(9.55 to 10.55) second bar time is 11.55(10.55 to 11.55) and so on..... But i want to get the first bar in 5 minutes and the next in hourly bars i mean like the following......... first bar 10.00 AM (9.55 to 10.00) and the following bars one hour each 11,12,13....and so on........... can anybody help me how to do that in Multicharts.
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