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  1. Yes, they are all nice, but again it all also depends on your trading skills to make some good money online.
  2. Yes, we have to be a lot more vigilant and ensure that the brokers whom we are trading with, are legit and regulated ones.
  3. Losing is a part of Forex and you can never refrain yourself from it. You could only minimize it by earning more profits.
  4. Investing in Forex is considered to be quite risky if done without proper knowledge and skills.
  5. There are lots of aspects of Forex to look for before you step into the real world of Forex Trading.
  6. Nice article you have shared here, it would be very much helpful for all the traders, keep sharing such knowledge in here.
  7. Losing is the way to making more money in the Forex Market and the only way to lose less is to make more profit.
  8. It might be, but Forex Trading is considered to be the best way to make money online, but first you need to have proper knowledge about the same.
  9. Also, you must take frequent breaks when you are losing a lot. You must also stay calm while trading again and do with small investments.
  10. Yeah, Risks are going to be everywhere and you are going to be at brim at your initial stage, so you must learn about the Market and learn to do a proper analysis of the Market before getting involved.
  11. CrazyCzarina


    Yes, have heard about it, and would definitely give it a try, after I have finished my learning process of the Forex Market.
  12. Well it may takes months to become a successful trader, so you need to start it off right now to achieve success.
  13. Women are now in each and every field and I have seen some women who are more successful than the male in Forex Trading.
  14. There are only two outcomes for winning a fixed amount or lose a fixed amount, as well as there would be generally no commissions or fees.
  15. Profits and Loss are the two things that cannot be avoided in the Forex Market and you need to embrace both of them.
  16. None of the strategies are going to work in each and every trade, you need to practice trade and find out the suitable strategy for each market situation and earn profit with the same.
  17. Learning in Forex Trading is a never-ending process and once you leave learning, you wouldn't be able to obtain success in the Forex Market.
  18. There are many beautiful women in the world and to say one is prettiest will be an insult to another.
  19. I like to listen to some instrumentals like the Enigma, as they calm my mind and we are not distracted by their lyrics.
  20. Forex Trading is a market in which you could only earn if you keep your calm, else you might end up losing it all. So, if you wish to earn ample in Forex, you must trade it with a calm mind.
  21. It is good to read and go through the stories which could inspire you and motivate you to achieve success in Forex Trading.
  22. I think we need to have both the Job as well as Forex as we need some capital to backup when we lose in the Forex Trading and a good Job could do with it.
  23. I would like to trade with Forex, and I am still on the verge of learning, hoping to make the most of it.
  24. Thanks for sharing this valuable insight, it would be very much helpful for both the newbies and expert traders.
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