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  1. Neither is easy. Both require learning and understanding the financial markets. The money you make trading you take from professional traders. If you can out trade these traders you get paid.
  2. The volatility of currency trading can be quite different depending on the changes in risk profiles in the different currency markets and relative supplies and demands and overnight interest rates. So this volatility is not constant.
  3. If you go in without any preparation and without taking into account all the ways in which you will be putting your hard earned money at risk, it will prove to be a very bad investment.
  4. It is a good investment if you put in the time and energy to learn about the market and the safest ways to trade in it. The good thing about the forex market is that it has something for everyone.
  5. Is it related to Forex? Or it is something which we have not heard about. DO not get the point.
  6. You can make money in Forex with very little money and build up your account size and trade size over time until it becomes substantial.
  7. A mother is the most loved and cared person for me, so for my side, She should be most interesting women in my word.
  8. No lying is not good when it is done because of a greater good, Lie is Lie. You can not change it. Never gave someone a wrong dream or promise which can not be done.
  9. From where we can get all this stuff? Is it free of there is some charge to be member of this community where every other person is trader not a broker refer.
  10. I think there are many brokers who are providing Crude oil trading, you can check those with broker section , you may get more answer from them.
  11. Lying is never good for any condition. We should never lie to any person for any reason. Not for good reason or not for bad reason. Always tell what is true, that will help you for long term.
  12. It was totally old post, I think he is no more active here and his daughter might be 9 year old as it was such old post.
  13. For Google problem you should always contact Google team, they can help you better for this. None Forex person is going to help you for this matter.
  14. For me, your trading knowledge and passion about your work matters more then anything. If you have skills for trading then you can earn the experience in the market.
  15. Right, many traders are having this issue that they never tried to study the market seriously before investing with the market. If they have started with learning then the result might be different for many ones.
  16. Bitcoin trading is in again as the movement of Bitcoin few days back. But it takes too much time to be such high movement in Bitcoin. Also it is uncertain to invest and trade.
  17. Right, as a trader, we are our own boss so there is no fear instead of loss in this market. To learn the market we have to keep learning and following rules or our plan that we have decide for trading.
  18. None trader or broker can control the market. There is no single person who is behind the Forex market so there is no way to be controlled the market with a man power.
  19. That is good for you, Posting profitable can encourage other people to understand that the market is not in different mood. Sometimes our skills also can make us profitable.
  20. You should start with learning, as you are not having the basic knowledge. You should trade first demo and see your skills with the market. Always start with small investment to test your skills with real market.
  21. Some one is asking for real signal provider to earn profit. And the others are discussing that how we can trust for our real money as we know there are many scammers.
  22. None one can be rich until he tries his best for getting something. Being rich is other thing, first you have to learn that how you are going to survive and save your investment.
  23. We all know Binary Options are not safe to invest as there is no real person who is making money with it. I have heard only bad words about Binary Options.
  24. Too old post to share something, but what I can say about Forex is that it is not an easy busy business. You have to have skills and knowledge to be part of this business. Your skills are going the only way you are going to survive.
  25. We all want money or profit every time but it is not easy to make here. We have to struggle a lot to save our capital which we have invested with the market. Be in real world that will help us.
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