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  1. A stressful person can trade very roughly so it is good to avoid trading during your illness. Totally agree, avoid trading is better option then facing losses.
  2. I have never think that I am expert or I can earn a lot of Profit. What I think is that, I can minimize my losses, and make more trades which can turn in to profit according to the skills of mine.
  3. New Avengers Song is must watch by everyone. I am addicted to the song and love the lyrics.
  4. May I know, how you are going to help us for such situation of Money with Brokers. I have never face any issue with my broker but do many face this condition?
  5. I do not think that I have made more then 20 or 25 in single trade because I have never taken high risk.
  6. Right, nothing is safe so we have to take risk for our profit in the trading market. But I wish that I can see the EA mentioned above to get the idea about the how they actually think for the strategy.
  7. I prefer candlesticks when I am trading because they are more helpful compare to lining chart and easy to get the entry and exit point in trade.
  8. That is good, you have researched on historic data for any project so how it is going to be helpful for us?
  9. Hello, newbie. hope you are doing well. So what are your interests? Forex or Stock market? Are you trader?
  10. I think " Follow a disciplined investment approach " this is also good point which every trader should consider for their trading.
  11. First thing a newbie must know is that learning is important point in Forex. Then working on demo account. Without gaining skills investing your money to some unknown broker who was refer by some other person is not a good thing.
  12. Forex is largest market and getting the basic knowledge is not easy or one day work. But it is also not too difficult for learning. If one start today then he can learn it as he start studying.
  13. Did it work for you? Have you tried the same strategy? I have asked so many times but I think the post is no more active.
  14. I do not understand why people always depends on suggestion of others about broker. There are many one and every forum is having a broker section to discuss.
  15. The post contains a lot of set of rules that must followed by a trader so that he can have more profit and loss can be cut, and he can improve his trading.
  16. Both fundamental and Technical Analysis can help us for our trading improvement but many traders choose Technical as priority and easy for best result.
  17. Too old to reply but It looks like a good strategy to be tested at least ones so that we can improve our skills for strategy.
  18. Learn the concepts of options first and do demo trading, that is the only tips that anybody can give you. Your knowledge ans skills are going to help you for options trading.
  19. It was good article for options knowledge but the fact is that many traders actually see it like it is gambling and somehow it also works like gambling. So working with options in real money is more risky.
  20. Volatility is really important in Forex Market. It can blew the accounts and at the same time if there is low volatility in the market then positions will go in consolidation and day traders will be more unhappy.
  21. If me as a trader achieved my monthly goal then I will not trade until the next month. Because that is the way I am controlling my greed of money and trading.
  22. Traders must have an edge to be profitable. The traders that have discipline, have done their homework about historical price action, and stay in control of their emotions will make money.
  23. Experienced traders loose less than earn, because every trader seek to earn and keep pips. Amount of loosing trades varies from 10 to 30%. Traders must have an edge to be profitable.
  24. Keep posting we love to read new content and it will be helpful it is related to Trading.
  25. Hahaha, Too scary to understand the meaning.
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