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  1. Plan to Start Trading E-Mini Futures for a Living

    I think there are many mini future plans for many individuals. That Chicago one, I dont have idea about but in my country we have different.
  2. Trends Advice

    As forex market is a volatile market for traders, therefore having a positive mindset before entering into forex trading with consistent efforts is important .
  3. How to Hold Commodities Long Term?

    Being as long term trader, we have to handle the trades for longer period. There are many strategy that you can try with daily charts.
  4. Market Profile Based Daily Recaps

    If you are still active? May I know what it is this, which names Free?
  5. Forex and Futures

    Foreign exchange is one of the most lucrative and risky ventures. With good brokerage by your side, you can scale the biggest peak.
  6. Time and Money for Your First Year or Two.

    Every other person is having their own definition of specialized things, So as mine.
  7. Metatrader Vs Currenex

    To trade profitably in Forex, you will need to have a trading strategy in place. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of your trading strategy also needs to take into account the market trend.
  8. More Pips or More Profits ?

    Before you start Forex trading you should have proper knowledge about Forex trading, without knowledge very heard to survive in the Forex market.
  9. “The trend is your friend” is one of the best known sayings, although it’s message is incomplete .
  10. Futures / CME-Corn Contract / Quote Price

    Is it new in Market? Any link to gain more knowledge about it?
  11. Paper Trading Platforms

    Most newbies rush to panic and make great mistakes because of excess nervousness and the lack of knowledge.
  12. 95% Failure Fact Origin?

    First of all, professional traders know that market often goes against them. Since they are experienced, it is not unusual for them to see losses.
  13. What is the Last Trading Day of the Year for You?

    Most forex traders lose money. Then again, most forex traders don’t stick around long enough to know if they could’ve made it or not.
  14. Anyone Knows How to Trade Forex Via Binary Options?

    Many traders who have been trying to become profitable but haven’t just yet reached that point, will find out that there is one uncertainty still remaining.
  15. Young Traders

    Accept that it is a probability business losing is always part of it. Those who try to not lose at all will lose everything at some point.

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