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  1. Fixed Spread Account at Hotforex. Is It Possible?

    It is a dead post. Almost everyone is inactive in the forum.
  2. Visionary Collective

    Do anyone had used it? I would like to see the result or experience.
  3. Introduction - What Forex broker do you trade with?

    When choosing a FOREX broker, you should always consider security, support, fees, and regulations before you decide.
  4. What is the difference between Forex and CFD Currency Trading?

    CFD stands for Contract for a difference. It is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract. The reason CFDs are used is that they make global access cheaper and there is the chance to move in and out a position very swiftly.
  5. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    There are few books which are really mean to be for forex and helps the forex beginners to study the trading.
  6. How to post a chart properly

    Forex traders have developed several types of forex charts to help depict trading data. For forex traders, candlestick charts seem to be the crowd favorite, and it’s easy to see why.
  7. How do I interpret candle stick chart in stock market?

    The experience can be gained through practicing with a demo account. You have to make hundreds of trades on the demo account to make sure that you have learned the methods completely.
  8. What is the Simple Trading Strategy for Full Time Traders

    You have to keep on trading with a very small amount of money for several months and when you see that you can make a profit and the number of your successful trades is more than your bad trades you can increase the amount of the money little by little.
  9. Best way to learn option trading?

    It is good that brokers are providing learning content on their website. But it is up to you that how you are going to use your self for it.
  10. Cryptocurrency Trading

    One of my friend who is dealing in Bitcoin trading is having his analysis that Bitcoin is going to be down more. SO he is also waiting for the right movement for entry of trading with it.
  11. Best way to learn option trading?

    The only way is self-learning from different websites, videos, content, and demo trading practice.
  12. Cryptocurrency Trading

    I do not think that there is any great future of crypto but I have not yet analysis any crypto so I can not say it surely.
  13. Which indicators you like and why

    I like to work with RSI, volume, and MACD for my strategy.
  14. Quantitative Strategies

    Is there anyone who can provide the English version of this? Thanks
  15. Market Volatility.

    Trading the FOREX like any activity generating revenues requires skills if you want to make money in a sustainable way

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