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  1. How do I interpret candle stick chart in stock market?

    Reading candlestick charts and finding their patterns are as easy as learning how to drive. We might feel confused at first, but soon after the initial phase, it becomes the easiest thing to do.
  2. Both are a competitor so it might happen that they do not want the same result as their visitor.
  3. So many are discussing only scams. But is there any proof that they are scammers?
  4. Option

    Is it a broker? Forex broker or stock broker?
  5. Market Volatility.

    The volatility in Forex changes all the time. But to make money, you need prices to move. Therefore it's not such a bad thing.
  6. Quantitative Strategies

    I am also asking the same, ask the person and tag him not me. I am not an owner.
  7. Quantitative Strategies

    If you can provide this one in English then it will be more easy for us to work with it and earn with it.
  8. Whats your favorite trading software?

    I like to trade in MT4, I know it is an old one but then also like it because it is easy to understand. There is new mt5 also but I like the old version.
  9. What Was Your Greatest Loss in Trading ?

    Before real money trading, we should trade as many demos as we can but in a serious manner so that we can make the profit.
  10. Cryptocurrency Trading

    Everyone is wishing that they should have Bitcoin at a low price but we can not go in the past.
  11. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    Candlesticks reflect the impact of investor sentiment on security prices and are used by technical analysts to determine when to enter and exit trades.
  12. What Was Your Greatest Loss in Trading ?

    It is really sad to see that many people are losing money because of no proper knowledge and management of money in Forex.
  13. What Was Your Greatest Loss in Trading ?

    Beginner traders tend to add to losing trades or hold for too long, resulting to a bigger amount of money at risk. They do this in hopes of a trade reversal so they can get back their loss.
  14. Forex Trading on Smartphone / Iphone

    There is nothing which is perfect, it is up to you How you get this thing for you. I would not recommend trading from your Android phone or tablet
  15. How long does it take to become a successful trader?

    Learning is the only way you can be successful in this business. There is no other way or system which can make you rich within a few days.

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