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  1. I have never asked for any help here. Never expect a person to be good with me or others. But as Market wizard you should show some respect for others.
  2. That is the truth, if you can not accept it then it is not the world problem. Everything you get in this world is having some fees, for that you have to work.
  3. The forex market has many advantages over the other traditional investments, and for sure, it will give you more freedom, and more money.
  4. It might be spam, but it might be that the person got the answer or he find something better then here.
  5. That is very rude to someone, I have never expect such Market Wizard.
  6. I think he might asking For EA, there are very less active members, Market wizard?
  7. If you are asking about EA then yes there are many EA in the market, even with this forum where you can find the right sell and buy suggestion.
  8. Forex trading is recommended for everyone. However one thing is important which should be kept in mind is that forex trading may seems easy but earning money from it is not as easier as forex trading looks like.
  9. It is really an amazing too to use, if it really works as it is shown on picture. Many strategies are always based on these high and lows.
  10. It is good to see that there are few ones who are sharing their tools for free so that many traders can have a good trade day. Good to see a nice post.
  11. The short answer is that some Forex signals providers can be useful in making profits but sadly there are very many that are less than reputable that will send you bad signals.
  12. Binary Options are way riskier. In truth, I’ve rarely seen a person benefit from Binary Options trading. Even if they did have some profits they either lost it in a blink of an eye or just didn’t receive them at all.
  13. Neither is easy. Both require learning and understanding the financial markets. The money you make trading you take from professional traders. If you can out trade these traders you get paid.
  14. The volatility of currency trading can be quite different depending on the changes in risk profiles in the different currency markets and relative supplies and demands and overnight interest rates. So this volatility is not constant.
  15. If you go in without any preparation and without taking into account all the ways in which you will be putting your hard earned money at risk, it will prove to be a very bad investment.
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