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  1. Right, as a trader, we are our own boss so there is no fear instead of loss in this market. To learn the market we have to keep learning and following rules or our plan that we have decide for trading.
  2. None trader or broker can control the market. There is no single person who is behind the Forex market so there is no way to be controlled the market with a man power.
  3. That is good for you, Posting profitable can encourage other people to understand that the market is not in different mood. Sometimes our skills also can make us profitable.
  4. You should start with learning, as you are not having the basic knowledge. You should trade first demo and see your skills with the market. Always start with small investment to test your skills with real market.
  5. Some one is asking for real signal provider to earn profit. And the others are discussing that how we can trust for our real money as we know there are many scammers.
  6. None one can be rich until he tries his best for getting something. Being rich is other thing, first you have to learn that how you are going to survive and save your investment.
  7. We all know Binary Options are not safe to invest as there is no real person who is making money with it. I have heard only bad words about Binary Options.
  8. Too old post to share something, but what I can say about Forex is that it is not an easy busy business. You have to have skills and knowledge to be part of this business. Your skills are going the only way you are going to survive.
  9. We all want money or profit every time but it is not easy to make here. We have to struggle a lot to save our capital which we have invested with the market. Be in real world that will help us.
  10. That is great, many one do not follow the basic and focus only on profitable system and that can lead them to unrealistic world where there imagination do not work well.
  11. It is always good to see and read experienced traders post that how they have actually made a place in this market and making money with confidence.
  12. Undoubtedly Forex is risky and winning money over here is more risky then any thing. You have to have skills for trading to survive here.
  13. There is no short cut to become successful in this world. We have to face every problem first then only we are going to prove our self.
  14. There are too many websites where you can find tutorial for Binary Options trading and using them you can learn from it. To learn, you need yourself which can help you to motivate.
  15. We all know, Forex is global market and there is no boss who is going to control our work or time so we are free to work any time in this business and that is the reason many traders join it.
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