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  1. Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

    Your success depends upon the trading strategy being adopted by you. It is not only important but absolutely necessary that your trading strategy must have inbuilt strengths to make you a successful trader.
  2. Three Rules Every Stock Trader Should Follow

    Losing is part of our business and we can not stop it but yes we can try to manage our money so that we can minimize our loss.
  3. How long does it take to become a successful trader?

    There is not decent account size. You can invest as per your loss capacity which you can afford.
  4. Three Rules Every Stock Trader Should Follow

    Losing because your analysis was wrong. Losing because your impatience, greed or fear stepped in. Those are the losses you can get rid off, by training self-discipline.
  5. Yea I'm a Starter

    What is the meaning to tag me in such post? I do not understand. Why should I fight with someone? I am not here for battles.
  6. How long does it take to become a successful trader?

    It depends on the person that how he can manage his skills with trading and learning the basic with a demo or any other way. We can suggest them but after all, learning is the procedure which takes time.
  7. APP to leave yourself notes about stocks

    There are so many apps available on app store, try our free stuff. I have not found any best one because most of them have the same content.
  8. Hello, Looking for Broker

    We have broker section from where we can find out and discuss about a good broker selection for our trading styles.
  9. Hello I am a Cryptotrader

    Nowadays, Crypto is only for trading, do not collect any of them.
  10. Hello, Looking for Broker

    It might not be useful for the one who has created the post but the new one who will see it, he must learn from the help post.
  11. Funny Youtube Video About a Horrible Trading Situation

    I have seen many funny ones on YT, You even can't believe what people are doing.
  12. Cryptocurrency Trading

  13. Cryptocurrency Trading

    Yeah, it was too old post to inform anyone about the question he asked.
  14. Real Estate or Stock Market?

    I will choose stock market because buying real goods will take time and working online is going to be easy.
  15. That is so funny If being active is the tagline for ultimate generalist then sure I am an ultimate generalist. Thank you.

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