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  1. Trader who is having strategy that really works in this market, also having mind which can survive the risk and management both with market movement.
  2. If you have 100k then why you are investing here, there are much better option on world. You can invest on real estate that can give you much better result and less risky.
  3. You want to make EA of this? It is not robot but I can call it EA, I am not any EA expert so can not suggest. Any programmer who is expert can do this.
  4. Hey, you are looking for financial statement of company? You are also working in stock market, then there might be company portfolio and details. You can search on those company official website.
  5. There are many legal broker and registered with FCA and cySec, you can check broker website and registration details. Also check cysec for checking the regulation of the broker.
  6. For learning Trading or Forex? For learning, the internet is free, you can use it to develop your mind for trading and Forex.
  7. Dead thread to communicate. Even the website have no more active members to share anything here.
  8. Forex signals can be profitable only if you know how to trade and manage the trade you have enter. To even copy someone trading, you need to have some skills of trading so that you can make profit or save your investment.
  9. I have never asked for any help here. Never expect a person to be good with me or others. But as Market wizard you should show some respect for others.
  10. That is the truth, if you can not accept it then it is not the world problem. Everything you get in this world is having some fees, for that you have to work.
  11. The forex market has many advantages over the other traditional investments, and for sure, it will give you more freedom, and more money.
  12. It might be spam, but it might be that the person got the answer or he find something better then here.
  13. That is very rude to someone, I have never expect such Market Wizard.
  14. I think he might asking For EA, there are very less active members, Market wizard?
  15. If you are asking about EA then yes there are many EA in the market, even with this forum where you can find the right sell and buy suggestion.
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