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  1. I am still waiting that Bitcoin will grow up and some one is going to sell it for big profit. The market is never in our hand, none can be 100% sure for it.
  2. I always prefer broker as per my trading style because suggestion never works for me. I think every trader should chose trader as per their trading style and plan. Before it they must try demo account.
  3. I think MT4 is the most useful software as I know. Every trader is aware of its functionality and how to trade and how to use the indicators.
  4. I have not subscribe to his any course but there are many positive review about it. However it is have 2 courses, for more understanding you can choose the mini course.
  5. Learning can help many traders to be good at their trading life. The most important is yourself improvement that how you are surviving this business and how you are going to be here.
  6. I really dont understand why people are still searching for reliable signal provider, as we all know they all are scam. None can give you 100% true result for few bucks.
  7. I have never guess what is going to be in future but Forex is having its own value where anybody can visit and work without any timing and boss.
  8. According to me, and for me I have found Asian sessions are good for trading because those are more movement creator and we can get more trade during it.
  9. A stressful person can trade very roughly so it is good to avoid trading during your illness. Totally agree, avoid trading is better option then facing losses.
  10. I have never think that I am expert or I can earn a lot of Profit. What I think is that, I can minimize my losses, and make more trades which can turn in to profit according to the skills of mine.
  11. New Avengers Song is must watch by everyone. I am addicted to the song and love the lyrics.
  12. May I know, how you are going to help us for such situation of Money with Brokers. I have never face any issue with my broker but do many face this condition?
  13. I do not think that I have made more then 20 or 25 in single trade because I have never taken high risk.
  14. Right, nothing is safe so we have to take risk for our profit in the trading market. But I wish that I can see the EA mentioned above to get the idea about the how they actually think for the strategy.
  15. I prefer candlesticks when I am trading because they are more helpful compare to lining chart and easy to get the entry and exit point in trade.
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