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  1. Experience and research. Some people can trade for years yet making the same mistakes all over again.
  2. I personally like AMD at the moment. They have gained about 400% for the last 9 months and now are on a discount.
  3. It's good if you are a beginner. I personally feel it's a little bit outdated.
  4. Those don't sound like good advices. Just saying.
  5. I don't really care about dividends, buybacks, strong dollar, headwinds, tailwinds, calls & puts, current issues or crushing suppliers. I've been buying & selling APPLE stock for 3 years and now I'm playing with 1000 shares all on company money. Sold my shares for $118.10 hoping to buy back at $114.00 or lower in next few days. I guess I'm just a foolish old man ...
  6. CEO mark Bristow of Randgold on Bloomberg recently: Interviewer: "Is the industry (gold mining) toast"? Barstow: "I believe so, the industry is toast". Later he says that the company is looking at acquiring good mines from failing companies, but all they have seen is mines that companies want to get rid of and can. Randgold is waiting until miners have to get rid of their prized possession, "quality" mines; the ones they have said they would never sell.
  7. From Intel's perspective sucking away billions from TSMC makes strategic sense, but for the same reason it doesn't make much sense for Apple. Apple doesn't want to see TSMC die at the bleeding edge, which is why they're fronting TSMC billions... Intel and Samsung have their own ambitions in the smartphone space, and having only those two to turn to would place Apple in a very weak position, it seems.
  8. Nobody, except fools sitting on bags of cash with no other income, lost money to inflation in the last 100 years because if one examines relative pay during the same period, it's vastly more increased than inflation. That's why the standard of living today is enormously higher than 1913, or any other long-ago date you may wish to choose. People mostly sabotage themselves fretting about inflation. Funny enough, they should worry about deflation a lot more because when currency becomes more valuable each day, people seek and hoard it, and commerce shrinks or halts. That's how depressions occur. "Money," in the currency of one's choice, is good for momentary asset valuation comparisons and little more than that, now. Beyond that, it's simply another speculative asset should one choose to hold it, instead of some other instrument or asset.
  9. Sometimes I feel like even after all these years and hardship for them, AAPL remains my favorite stock on the market. A dividend paying stock that earns 2% on your money in dividends, grows 25% a year in value and increases dividends to match. Add over 25% of it's cost in cash or treasuries and you get a blue chip with no matching peers. Since 2012 it has gone from $110B in cash to over two hundred billions. I mean, what can possibly be more superior than that?
  10. Check this out, guys. While many panicked japanese day trader made 34 million "When he trades, he tracks volumes and price moves to follow the momentum. For him the basic rule is: “Buy stocks that are being bought, and sell stocks that are being sold.” This is incredible. While Many Panicked, Japanese Day Trader Made $34 Million - Bloomberg Business
  11. Well, hey everyone. My name's Trevor. I am 25 years old and have a degree in Architecture. I am currently unemployed but some money on me. I wanna find out more about trading and traders. About stock market. I feel like I am at the perfect age to invest wisely in the stock market and once. I wanna do my homework and I want to educate myself about trading and stock market. Wanna form my own opinion about things. And I really count on you guys helping me with that if I have some questions.
  12. Is buying MSFT a good idea right now or should I wait longer? I mean it's at 40.55 when it was around 47 just a bit ago.
  13. Not sure this is a proper topic to ask, but I'm gonna risk it and ask nevertheless. I have a question about rich investors and how they search for investment opportunities. Where/how do they get their information about start-ups and companies in general? Do they have their own personal analysts writing reports for them, or do they simply use the internet like everyone else and do some googling? What would be the exact job title of someone working for a rich investor, something like information analyst?
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