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  1. Dear readers, I am selling naked put on EsMini. I know the risk involved into this strategy, used by collecting relatively low premiums untile a big loss take away all the small profits. I sell 30-60 days maximum expiration and I stay from 13% to 15% lower from the strike price. This give me a safety margin in case of negative scenario. In case the market reach the 9% I buy back the option and sell a lower strike at longer date to keep me away. This strategy allow me to be far from being In the Money or close for 99% of the times. But after being successful for a while, I know realize I need a safer strategy. 15% difference in strike is huge but what happen if tomorrow for example another Lehman happens (like JPMorgan or Deutsche Bank just as example). As some experienced trader let me note, it will be difficult to roll down as everybody will be willing to buy PUT and prices will rocket. The only way to protect myself is a credit spread. I attach a strategy I may use. The question is: in case I sell 10 1850 PUT SEP. 16 for $3.00 and buy 10 1750 PUT SEP. 16 for $1.75 my maximum risk is $50,000 in case the index is below 1.750 and maximum profit is $625. The index should drop by -18.3%. Is this strategy reasonable? Can anybody suggest how to improve money management? Thank you BEAR SPREAD.xls
  2. greetings,


    I use the same strategy but for a shorter time frame. shoot me a message and maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other. It took me sometime to put my strategy together but you might find my strategy takes the emotion (maybe not all of it) out of trading. Im no master at trading but were on the same wave length when it comes to our strategies.

  3. Thank you jpennybags, I definitely appreciate your advice. During my too many mistakes I found out that most of time I was over-concerned about the detail of indicators and I wasn't looking at all the main thing: the price. :doh:
  4. Thank you jpennybags. Yes it is a simple breakouts trade, maybe to simple to works but viable as you mention. Would you recommending this path?
  5. Hi guys, I am new to this forum. My interest in finance started early and casually met a person involved into metal hedging. Then I started studying by myself technical analysis since 2010. Started trading live, lost money, paper trading, made some profit, lost it and so on. Now am I planning a new Trading System and we will see. Thanks
  6. Dear All, I am new to trading. I started studying by myself since 2010, started paper trading, lost money, gained, lost again. I learnt at my expenses how important is having a mind-set and a plan. This lesson IS really helpful also in my job as for any project I ask myself, what is the risk I am taking, the potential profit, where I will entry and exit. But I am still making mistakes. So I back to charting, homework and now I am testing a new strategy. I found this website and simply think it is really great, especially for the expert traders that advice newbies and protect them to loose what they can not afford to loose. FYI I don't want to quit my job and make a living with trading, I simply felt in love with finance and want to see if of course I can make sone extra money for saving or just spending around. I started learning using finance for metal hedging and then I decided to study technical finance by myself. After trying several indicators, I went back to the base and set up this Trading System: - Fastest SMA 3x3 (A) - Slowest SMA 25x5 (B) - ENTER when the A>B AND the last close > previous high (and vice versa for SHORT) - EXIT when close < A I attach a picture. Please all the critiques will be highly appreciated. Thank you
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