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  1. greetings,


    I use the same strategy but for a shorter time frame. shoot me a message and maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other. It took me sometime to put my strategy together but you might find my strategy takes the emotion (maybe not all of it) out of trading. Im no master at trading but were on the same wave length when it comes to our strategies.

  2. I'm sure you've noticed that large lots have been getting smaller (icebergs) since websites like TL and ET have hit the scene. Read tape near your entries. IMHO, with the tape speeding up it will confirm emotion/direction in the market. I hate when the tape is slow during my entries cause i don't when exactly the market is going to take off/breakdown. This new change will keep me on the sidelines when my perfect setup arrives but the tape doesn't confirm it. As far as piecing back the info mentally...Good luck because that seems like a monotonous task to do if you're not a programmer (like me). You use tape for entries/exits. strtedat22
  3. No real change bro. The tape is only faster. When price reaches your entry how is the tape responding? Business as usual for me. strtedat22
  4. Thanks for the insight everyone. ill weigh the options with my current laptop. To do or not to do...that is the question strtedat22
  5. Agreed, I did a little research and the boot time is a lot shorter than vista and 7s performance is a lot better. I guess i'm looking to get out of Vista. strtedat22
  6. Im assuming the performance will be better with windows 7 if you have vista on your trading desktop. Is anyone upgrading? I have vista on my laptop and im thinking about upgrading. strtedat22
  7. I eat people on the wrong side of my trades strtedat22
  8. Trash the mac and use a PC. You dont have to worry about software issues. Falcon trading computers have some bang for your buck desktops. I purchased my desktop from them 8 months ago and im very satisfied. FYI: i dont work for them. strtedat22
  9. clear and concise. couldnt have said it better
  10. lol. spot on :haha: grab a pen and pad and get to work on your trade plan. hell, it took me more than a year to put mine together. strtedat22
  11. Fulcrumtrader, ditto... strtedat22
  12. Wow this indicator makes tape reading so easy. strtedat22
  13. Fulcrumtrader, the cumulative delta compliments my trading strategy. Trying to figure market direction was difficult when just reading tape all day. i uploaded deanz indicator on ninjatrader and put it to work at the open immediately. The indicator helped me locate commercial buyers and sellers. They have really big foot prints :rofl: i made one point off 10 contracts strtedat22.
  14. FulcrumTrader, Interesting, i like the video example. live is better than make believe. i dont like catching a falling knife nor calling tops so i look into the pullbacks during trending/sideway markets. All my entries/exits are based on tape. Locating commercial liquidity is a great way for me to find out early when the market will be changing directions or continuing. Im looking into adding swing trading into my arsenal. Thanks for providing me with your insight. strtedat22
  15. Fulcrum, Thats easier said then done. Tracking supply and demand on a short term time frame (250 tick) is a little easier for me to scalp 3-4 ticks at a time. Please provide a example. strtedat22
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