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    To know me is to love me.

    I have been day trading for quite a number of years and have no issue SHARING information with others, so long as it does not become a one way street.

    I have had the privilege of being trained by some pretty awesome gentlemen and like a germ that spreads like the flu I occasionally sign onto a forum and share tid bits of information.

    I did this once in a live trading forum where the "coach" was new to the game and answered a few questions that were on the forum post. Why do I say he was new to the game? Well when one of his clients challenged him and he became pretty harsh with the guy. Suffice it to say I answered quite a few questions those three months and then faded out after being offered a job by the moderator of the program.

    I once even read a book that someone recommended to me and sent the author an email telling him I built an indicator based on his theory. It was cool and all but not my cup of tea so I gave it to him
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    Day Trader

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    ES, YM, CL, NQ and PST
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    Since 2008
  1. Hey Rumpled! Gosh I haven't seen a post from you in quite a while. Where have you been hiding and I am glad you didn't let anyone keep ya down. Spikey
  2. A thought just came to mind. SO you have the 50 and 100 SMAs now all you need is a 150SMA.
  3. This is what I would call a ROUGH JUSTICE ESTIMATE: Go to where the market turned and then look at your price scale. This ought to give you an idea of where the market turned ... esp. if you consider the FIRST ENTIRE bar being below the MA. Or you can take two MAs and do the same thing where one would be let's say 50SMA and the other 100SMA look where they cross and you will get an idea of how long it took for them to cross each other then subtract that value from where you are at in real time. Hope this helped. Spikeygirl
  4. Create one in excel. You can use Risk/Reward Ratio Definition | Investopedia definition to assist you: Let's say a trader purchases 100 shares of XYZ Company at $20 and places a stop-loss order at $15 to ensure that her losses will not exceed $500. Let's also assume that this trader believes that the price of XYZ will reach $30 in the next few months. In this case, the trader is willing to risk $5 per share to make an expected return of $10 per share after closing her position. Since the trader stands to make double the amount that she has risked, she would be said to have a 1:2 risk/reward ratio on that particular trade. The optimal risk/reward ratio differs widely among trading strategies. Some trial and error is usually required to determine which ratio is best for a given trading strategy. OR ... if you know code or are willing to pay someone to code you can send them wikis' definition and you can have it built or build it. Personally I would use option one to ensure that it works .... because assumptions sure can cost you a pretty penny. Hope this helps! Spikeygirl
  5. It is simply the ATR brought up to the chart with the placement of "same as region" Hope this helped
  6. Hey ratrader! Code is code is code just the syntax is different. If you need something coded for sierra I can check with a friend to see if he has time. He codes for sierra and has done so for quite a number of years and I have used him to create a few indicators and what knots for me. Depending on how complex the code and what you want done and how far along you have gotten with the code and your ability to explain in detail what the code should do ...
  7. When I started trading I was introduced to Interactive Broker [Josh Harris, agent] by my mentor/coach. He can walk you through the entire situation and answer any questions you may have. The PLUS: You can try out the DOM and charts for a month then make a more educated decision .... USING REAL TIME DELAYED DATA and not EOD [as with most brokers out there] which will not show you much of anything, which will give you a feel for the market you intend to trade in real time. And if you need more time just drop him a note or give him a call and he will add time to the DEMO. Just make sure you open the platform daily so you do not get timed out. He can be reached by dialing: 800-574-7040. Hope this helps!
  8. What exactly are you looking for ... besides the ITM, ATM, DITM values for each option within a certain time frame? If you are let's say looking at an option for Stock X and let's say that the option expires in 30 days then just use the standard Stock X chart on a 4 hour time frame from the day you entered until the time you wish to exit or at expiration. You can just insert a volatility indicator for the measurement on the chart sub-section. You can also look at the greeks and determine based on volatility what is happening ... AND at the same time have the Stock A's chart to review. And if you are trying to trade a binary ... well you better make sure your charting platform and data feed allow you to use millisecond as opposed to tick or one minute ... and you have to make certain that [since it is a heads/tail coin toss game] that they do not take the full sum [100%] when you loose and only give you a portion [80%] when you loose ... because sooner or later your account will be depleted ... if not from the few losses but the commission costs for a round turn. Hope this helps! Spikeygirl
  9. From time to time I on board to various trading forums and also a few online trading venues but none which have provided me with any real workable knowledge, which mostly wasted my time though they did try to get their hands in my pocket a few times. I can tell you this: It is better to use the capital to fund your account and become familiar with the market you trade than hand it over to some black box. As with anything of value and purpose it takes time to Master. I mean no one I know popped out of their mother's womb running in a dead sprint. Also a word of advice: If you have a strategy and you still find yourself looking at you tube videos, or someone's literature or website ... then you are NOT ready. Instead I advise you to return to what YOU created and work with it. Before long the light bulb will go off and you will have your EUREKA moment. But don't get a big head about it. Keep your cool and move forward ..STEP BY STEP.
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