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  1. I don't know much about the TF although I have read that it can lead the other indicies as small caps are the first to take a beating in times of doubt and the first to get euphoric in times of certainty. I do know that the the scottish vote caused some sort of wierd euphoria on the ES during the GLOBEX session thursday night and early friday AM. I have never seen that much activity during those hours. It seemed a bit exhuberant! Just based on a hunch i figured it would have been a good short for the US hours as maybe exhaustion, and the realization that Scottish dependence doesn't really add worth to the market place, (just removes uncertainty), would set in. I think maybe a little bit of ALI BABA played a role too, but not to much intuition as to how, unless all the bulls wer busy dicking around with that....but I don't know what moves the market for sure. I can just make semi educated guesses and watch my technicals for clues. ANyway if you don't already visit this site, here is an article I found about the TF's technicals from INV. Russell 2000 Futures | Russell 2000 Futures Quotes I am still searching for something a little more concise regarding the RUssell's fundementals. If you know of a good place to visit please share! I am guessing you had a good day based on your commentary, If so..CONGRADS!!:thumbs up:
  2. I notice that the ESZ4 is trading 9 points lower than the ESU4 but with the same action and higher volume. Can someone elaborate this price difference? Do the price always move in unison? SHould I be trading the ESZ4 rather than the ESU4? Are there unique oppurtunities or dangers associated with rollover? I am a begginer and this is my first rollover period. I would appreciate any veteran insights!
  3. ATC is an IB. Are their benefits to not trading with an IB for the more experienced trader? I have read about this subject and it leaves me wondering why any one would trade with a dealing desk or market maker...... unless of course their was something that they offered that IBs did not. Please excuse and correct any misconceptions I may have. I have read many books about trading and simulated historical data but have no real time experience and probably possess a few misconceptions.......Oh, and thanks for the reply!
  4. Hello mad scientists! I am shopping for the first time for a online brokerage account. I realize that there are different pros and cons with even you most reputable brokers. I intend to trade the ES and perhaps the NQ to begin my trading journey. At this point I have my choices narrowed down to ATCbrokers, OEC, or GoFutures. There transaction fees all seem to be in the ballpark of 5 dollars roundturn after the proverbial hidden fees have been implied. Ameritrade is around 7.50 round turn. Could you pleaqse point me in the right direction in regards to a suitable broker........? Thank You:)
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