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  1. Jared, this is one of the most profound write-ups I have read. I am copying it to save and print out and keep for reference. Thank you for this insightful post. The truth is always so plain and believable when it is seen or heard. Thannks once again
  2. Hi. Joined not too long ago. Was just wondering if the VIX could be traded spot, rather than through options or futures or ETNs, etc. Tx:crap:
  3. Hi there. I'm currently trying to construct a volatility index sort of like the VIX or the VXTYN (the S&P volatility index or the ten yr US bond volatility index). However there are no readily available option or futures prices. Just wondering if this has been done before, and what methodology has been used. Thanks all!:crap:
  4. Hi there! Glad to be here! I trade Emerging Market Treasuries and will like to make good networks here as well as get the general gist of what happens in Global Markets. I'm also interested in building an automated trading system that alerts traders on arbitrage opportunities in fixed income markets. I have a one year time frame on this and I know next to nothing about programming, but I'd like ot challenge myself. Wish me luck!!:pc guru:
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