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  1. I'm trying to cut down on the learning curve and would appreciate any 'best practices' (get up and running the easy way) that anyone might have. I have coding, professionally, but got use to coding in tradestation, but I'd like to switch platforms if I can get the coding side down. Thanks
  2. If you want an actual name of a good broker (and there platform) I'll send you the name of my mine.... just send me a private message
  3. Well put.... I did a post in another forum titled 'why I will never teach a trading course' ... the basics are out their the rest .. well you have covered it ... accept perhaps that becoming a successful trading is a personal journey (without trying to sound Zen like) and you have to find your way. as for the courses... the best one I heard was the guy teaching it saying.... 'Most people blow their account out in 3 month.... my goal is to make it last 6 month'. Just what most people aspire too (lol please let me pay for that right!).
  4. For day trading I like infinity... if you want a broker recommendation email me.
  5. I'm not going to say I read all 8 pages worth of post but I am going to add a few comments people can make of them what they will... 1. Someone made a comment about charts not being useful for Day Traders... I think that is a question regarding trading style, I use charts and patterns in day trading every day... That said some people trade off time and sales and others; whatever works for them. Point: I believe the charts and patterns play a role in all trading. 2. Random(ness?)... I believe, and therefor trade, that in many respects the markets are self-fulling: example - we expect a retest of the high or low and therefor the price gets pushed in that direction. I express marketplace randomness as being a result of 'uncontrollable' elements/circumstances that were unaccounted for. Example: the financial crisis. 3. That 1 study flipping coins produced a chart like pattern say nothing to me because I do not know if it is real or a good tale, a valid study or just a case of random coincidence.
  6. I always love these post that amount to 'is scalping a viable'. It is for me, and many other. It does not always stay the same and you need to me around long enough to recognize when it changes and be able to adjust with it... (being testy... forgive me nothing belligerent intended) even Formula 1 racers change to wet tires in the rain, and making the right decision (Dry.Med/Wet) can be the difference between winning and losing.
  7. First, yes I am consistent and profitable. It has taken me a long time to get to this point. As for 'how many months have I been profitable' ... I trade futures so I tend to look at things on a quarterly basis for profitability (and my living). That said I think it's been at least half a year. What you may be after is 'can it really be done'... and, at least for me. the answer is yes. But what I've come to realize (because I have taken my bumps -or hits to the head-) is that it takes a lot of time to learn the market side and the about yourself (in terms of how you handle the trade/trading). An arsenal or trade setup (to handle dif market conditions) and the skill to recognize when to use what... which all come over time ... it took me more years than I ever thought it would.
  8. Just a quick comment regarding the TRO and all the hoopla the has been bantered... TRO has helped me out on a few occasions and I appreciate the help (as I do from anyone that does help me). It has been my experience working with a number of truly intelligent people that the social skills are not always what others would like, but they are comfortable with it. He is without a doubt a very skilled coder... his stuff works as billed and is well written. I can see why he would be upset by some of the post, but I also found some of his replies offensive. My finding offense does not take away from his work. Many thanks to soultrader and TL for the quality of the site and forums
  9. I have not read all the comments so do not know if all or part of the following has been covered... 1. I, personally, would not feel comfortable with completely unattended trading. I tried it, with my own systems (using TS)... perfect is testing... anything but in live environment. TS could not give me a satisfactory explanation why the differences. Each point they brought up had been addressed in the system code. 2. Regarding the technical side of your post.. there are services that will lease space on there servers, at least for trading futures. The servers are on the exchange floor thus removing interest connection issues and your need to define what the server should look like etc. Hope the comments help. ratrader
  10. Thx Trader 333 Thanks... I'm hoping I can hear from someone that uses (or has used the platform) I had one person tell me that it is very robust but I don't see it. It seems to come with pre-built indicators and no ability to add/build custom indicators, I didn't see any OCO and (as best I can figure out) strategy/automated trading in via externals (using an API) which would seem to make the execution slower. Where they do seem to have an advantage is in the order routing... they make it easy to select the routing. So I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Yhx again for the reply to this post and the others I've seen.
  11. I'm trying to dig into the Sterling Pro platform to see how suitable it is for for me trading and I'm not finding the doc on there site terribly useful so i thought I'd run through TL just to see if anybody has some experience with it and get the good, bad and other... I currently use Tradestation, primarily because of the investment I've made in custom indicators (and because I am familiar with it). For doing a variety of day/scalp trades. As they are no where near perfect I primarily use TS for there charting and run enough trades through to not have to pay platform feeds. What I have not seen in Sterling Pro is anything the equivalent to Bracket or other types of conditional orders. From what I have been able to pick up there support for automated trading is based on slower technology. Again, if anyone has experience with the platform I would like to know what your experience has been and how you were using it (eg type of trading/security). Thanks
  12. I don't use TOS for futures, I wind up using either Tradestation or Infinity. I like Infinity for scape and or Bracket trades. I will confess that i use a lot of custom indicators and/or have programed setups on the Tradestation platform and have not spent the time to redo them for the TOS platform.
  13. Sorry if I offended I was hoping you know how as I have not been able to figure it out yet.
  14. I would like to do a comparison between the TTM version (purchased) and this one could you please prove the code (so I can rename it) or an ELD version using a different name... Thanks
  15. Excellent work. I have a chalange for you... add the ability to use an anchor chart. For example if you have a 5 minute and a 15 minute only paint a red, or blue, bar on the 5 minute chart in the bar is confirmed on the 15 minute chart. Robert
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