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    Pro Trader
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    Ex military. Got tired of the rat race--but also I feel 13 years of my life is a good time to give before moving on to other things. Like many of you I had been trading while holding a 9-5 but I am one of the few who broke through. I frequent Stocktwits a lot. I own an online trading course website.
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    Eat, sleep, breath trading. I seem to have lost interest in my old hobbies or watching movies lol

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    Ninjatrader, IB
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    Interactive Brokers
  1. Hi,


    I found your reply to a question about backtesting in the beginners forum. You seem to have some experience in sim trading and backtesting, so I was wondering if you would have time for a few questions. I am developing a new tool, related to backtesting and sim trading and would like to hear your thoughts. In exchange for your valuable time, I would be glad to share some of my ideas with you.

  2. Second thing is consider how much time you're going to spend trading. My strategy had to accommodate a full time job and now that I'm a full time trader, I still use it because I now live on the opposite side of the world which means I'm asleep while the market is open. Win, win. My trading strategy and its story can be viewed for free on my website. I think I posted it here on this forum too.
  3. Thanks for the feedback It helped me a lot when I was employed full time so I hope it works for others. Of course it's useless without money management so I hope that's not forgotten. Thanks again and I wish I'd get feedback for the free trading bootcamp series I'm making. I want to make an extensive fast and furious trading bootcamp. I see a lot of courses out there asking $5,000 for a basics course ROFL--most of that stuff is free on the internet. I guess it's worth the money since you get one on one help and a chat room? I dunno, not for me.
  4. Free on Youtube.. two part video. Good for the weekend warrior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IramGP6poKo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDe32uTntXU
  5. Hmm I'm not sure you'll find a broker that can match all third party features and roll it all into one--I guess that's why there are third parties. I think a great broker coupled with free services will work. Have you tried Finviz screener that's free? I used to use it. The scans are not as comprehensive but maybe because it's free but at least it you can setup your parameters then go to the charts tab after you get the results and you'll see all the charts for each individual stocks that meet the criteria. Check it out and let me know. It'd be interesting if someone does know a broker that has all in one package.
  6. Start by getting to know your trading personality--lots of tests out there. The more in sync your personality is with your system the better you'll be able to control your emotions and bad habits. IMHO
  7. here ya go! Starts with #65 http://thepatternsite.com/Tutorials.html#P5
  8. I only tried Scottrade among those you listed--avoid if you'll be in and out of stocks. Want versatility? Want something fast? Want something that can interface with third party software like Ninjatrader or Microsoft Excel? I suggest Interactive Brokers! Just the fact that it can interface with Ninjatrader is the biggest selling point for me. I love what Ninjatrader can do for me. Other brokers can interface with Ninjatrader like MB but IB takes the cake IMHO.
  9. Could you elaborate more on your use of such information? Sounds like you'll be a position trader or trend follower. I tried several brokers and Interactive Brokers has been the best for me by far. I think its scan feature is pretty good and it can interface with third party software--even MS Excel! Data feed is really good too. You can also get free EOD data from Kinetick but I'm not sure if that's only exclusive for Ninjatrader 7 users. If you elaborate I could probably help you out more or perhaps hopefully someone already knows a broker that gives you all that.
  10. Need more info like time frame you're trading. Ninjatrader records market price movements for you and it's great for day trading (which I magically use for trading weekly charts lol). You can also purchase historical price movements on CD but I forgot where you get those. You could get sim accounts too but IMHO trading sims and backtesting will never be as good as real world testing.
  11. I'll give you a very very big tip/hint: Master position sizing/risk management either through my website or get the Van Tharp book which is supposedly a rare find these days. I find it on Amazon sometimes for $80-300 But that's just one huge piece of the puzzle. Feel free to ask ?'s Here to help...
  12. What do you think about when the words forest and jungle are mentioned? Did the word wild come to mind? In jungles and forests, vegetation grow wildly and if you find yourself in one you're going to notice that there are edible fruits and vegetables in the jungles or forests; however, they are scattered everywhere and you're not really sure where or when you'll be able to eat. In the wild, nature decides and you're just trying to survive. It's sort of like most people's trading/investing. Actually, it's sort of like most people's lives. In the forests and jungles, your survival will depend on skills and luck. The area is very unforgiving and many will perish—but, when you take the time grow a garden, life becomes easier because in the garden, everything is beautiful and deliberate, In the garden you decide exactly what trees and shrubs you want and put them exactly where you want them. Even the soil quality, temperature compatibility, and last but not the least, even watering the garden is deliberate. It is hard work initially and some plants may die due to your gardening inexperience but it's okay because it's part of the process! To succeed—to survive, one must become deliberate in every aspect like how you manage your time. Are you maximizing your 24 hours or are you wasting some of it by watching other people on television fulfill or live their dreams? Perhaps you're wasting too much time bashing a market veteran on Stocktwits or Twitter because he/she did not agree with your investment thesis? If you truly want success, put every resource you have into it. Be deliberate! Turn off your television, put down your game boy, skip the night out with the boys—you don't want weeds and parasites in your garden, do you? Always ask yourself, how is what I am doing contributing to the growth of my success garden? (Note: originally posted on 6/5/2014 at my website)
  13. Small accounts carry with them an inherent danger. I started with a $500 account so I know! With a small account you almost always feel obliged to try and get big fast. In addition a small amount of cash usually doesn't get any respect so the tendency is to put 100% or large chunks of the money into few stocks. When the stock goes the wrong way the newbie trader mind rationalizes that he/she can afford to go for broke since it's a small amount so if he/she had used a stop loss at all, that stop loss would be moved or cancelled completely. The worst thing that happens is when a newbie trader makes money with such bad habits--that's when the habit sticks and it's a downward spiral and a struggle to break the habit. Another pitfall many beginners fall into is using excessive margin and setting unrealistic weekly goals. Goals are great but the market decides how much money you will make. That's why it's important to learn to stay solvent until the next home run and my website was created. Lesson here is, be well capitalized or be very disciplined and patient! I'm very happy with single-double digit returns these days. A 10% weekly gain on $500 is nothing now compared to 10% of $500,000. $50,000 in a week, can you handle that? Be patient and let your money compound! $10,000 into 18 million in a little over a year is just very rare and usually happens during raging bull markets like the one before the tech bubble popped. (Note: This article is slightly modified from what was posted on my website)
  14. Consistently losing SMALL should be a normal part of the trading process. Learn risk management and position sizing. This is precisely why I created my website because people are quick to throw platitudes but they don't show how exactly to do it. Cut your loses short they say but that's all they say.
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