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  1. Right now I am using Worden TC2000 for stock scanning and it's everything I need in that regard. The problem is it isn't free. I use it to quickly flip through stock charts within certain sectors. So if I identify a sector which I believe is poised to move, I can easily pull up a list of stocks within that sector (usually by loading the index with all stocks that make up that index) and quickly flip through them to find patterns. This quickly flipping through groups of stocks is the most important for me by far. I also like to use it to search for things like high dividends etc. For charting, I like NinjaTrader. I don't have a need to change this but if the package had good scanning capabilities plus user friendly charting like NT, that would be even better. Thanks!
  2. Can someone tell me a good broker for trading mostly stocks? I'd like a broker that has free software and free EOD data. I'm really wanting some software that has good search features to find stocks that meet my criteria I don't intend to trade more than a few trades a year.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a broker which would be a good fit for a trader who is not so active (maybe 5 trades per month) and trading in fairly small amounts. To give you an idea how small, I'll probably keep about $10,000 in the account and trade with that. Okay, so I'm interested in trading stocks mostly, but perhaps a some futures here and there. I'd like reliable daily data too. And low commissions. Please advise.
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