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  1. Awesome, any good books you might advise reading?
  2. Ha yeah sometimes you just have to ride it out and accept losses, they happen daily for me.
  3. Just purchased TSLA July 13 130 Calls and already making some money on that one
  4. Buffet is a great guy to follow, but I follow this premium twitter account that so far has helped me greatly and brought me about 62% in returns on my money
  5. I'm 20 and just started trading this year, never attended a class or any online, all I do is follow a premium twitter account that basically guides my daily trades. So far this year I have made about a 62% profit on my money. Just showing ya an example that classes aren't the only way to go.
  6. Try out ThinkOrSwim paper money, I used that when I started and it helped me learn a lot.
  7. The Think or Swim paper account is delayed, but the live money one is not, I use that and follow a premium twitter account that basically guides my trading everyday. So far this year I am up about 62% on my money. My advise is to find an expert and monitor what they use. Another thing I do is something called the ichimoku cloud, I suggest taking a look at that because it is a great tool use.
  8. Hello I am a 20 year old investor who just started this year as well, I follow a great twitter account that basically guides all of my trading for me and has gotten me up about 62% this year. What are you using to do your trading?
  9. Just started this summer and I'm 20. Does anyone have advice on how to be really successful?
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