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  1. I found this post on "Why Screen Time Is Important" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Topic Of The Month July, 2008"
  2. I found this post on "I Look Back Now and Wonder" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Topic Of The Month July, 2008"
  3. Thanks for the link nick. Hubert is an excellent tape reader. Amazing.
  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ant. I'm still currently in the middle of Mind over Markets. In your MP indicator, is it possible to setup a composite profile? How would I go about doing this? I feel like your approach in understanding the overall market picture using MP gives more information than analyzing a daily chart.
  5. I understand that the POC is a key reference point for Market Profile traders. What type of strategies do you guys use with the POC? Is the POC from the past sessions (beyond yesterday) as important as the previous days POC?
  6. Quick question regarding the opening range for the S&P 500 futures. Is this released right before the open? Is this available only for floor traders? I have learned of several strategies using the opening range but can not seem to find anywhere that would provide such information.
  7. Hi texxas, How did you come up with 35%? 50% is common, also a fib ratio. Curious to know why 35%? Thanks Carter
  8. Very interesting strategy feb. I never traded currencies but will look into this. Thanks
  9. Do you watch for the markets to run out of steam and reverse by using momentum divergence? How effective have you found the 10:00am reversal? Thanks
  10. I am more of a scalper but tend to play counter trend trades more often.
  11. Would you consider the ER to be the easier emini to trade?
  12. Try doing a search here. There is a ton of material on pivot points including videos, formulas, etc...
  13. You are definitely right about that. There is alot of wisdom in your comments ez. Thank you. Always treasure reading them.
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