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    Option Trading
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    I have been involved with trading for a number of years, started with options trading and later included futures to my investment portfolio.
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    Australia Stock Market
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    Online option Trading
  1. Hey buddies, Great information shared here. I am researching on trading techniques and how to trade in a market. Your post helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing.
  2. peterevanson


    Hey Duarte, Great post. I am researching on market and your thread helped me a lot. I got some idea of share market by reading your post. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.
  3. It depends on market and every time situation tells the truth like when to buy and sell the stocks.
  4. I think it is bearish. One should invest in a gold with care.
  5. I think for getting some good things we have to pay for it and if we are getting best knowledge from investing some money then its not a wastage of money. It depends on a person's thinking that he is interested or not to learn trading tips and tricks in a proper way.
  6. Market always varies, sometimes it goes up and sometime down. Its our strategy which takes either up or down. So be ready for it and always do safe investment.
  7. Market depth tells the list of buy and sell orders in the market for particular securities and its important for certain interest rate securities.
  8. Hey, Nice market analysis you did. Hope so everything will go smoothly.
  9. peterevanson

    Stock Tweets

    Well done buddy, Nice information shared here. Thanks for posting.
  10. I’ve done the Tharp Trader Test and also the Investor Test from an Australian company it’s also free if anyone is interested australianinvestmenteducation.com.au/quiz
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