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  1. Ammeo

    Forex Broker

    Is FxPro good? A cousin of mine has recently started real money trading with FxPro. I am not sure how good it is cause i havent traded with this broker yet. Anyone has any experience with FxPro?
  2. Ammeo

    EURUSD Discussions

    Long term trade: open short TP 1.1050 SL 1.1311
  3. Main Street Expect To See Higher Prices Next Week, Wall Street Bearish Friday May 1 In an online survey, 351 people voted; of those, 170 participants, or 48%, expect to see higher gold prices next week, 117 people, or 33%, expect to see lower prices and 64, or 18%, are neutral. This week, out of 33 market experts contacted, 19 responded; of those, 9 participants, or 47%, see lower prices, 6 experts, or 32%, see higher prices and 4, or 21%, are neutral on the gold market. Market participants include bullion dealers, investment banks, futures traders and technical-chart analysts.
  4. This is what i do as well. I never trade big and go out of negative trades early.
  5. Ammeo

    USDJPY Discussions

    Tomorrows US unemployment is most likely will be negative so I suspect push above 120 then dump to 119.80 or lower.
  6. Ammeo

    EURUSD Discussions

    Shorting. Every rally will be sold. We will see 1.0450 again. Euro dont have the strength in it atm.
  7. Ducascopy, Cause not only its a broker bt a whole bank...kinda seems more secure u know.
  8. Long @ 4920 SL 4880 TP 1.5000
  9. Ammeo

    USDJPY Discussions

    If USA CPI DATA will worse than expected, we could see a slowdown to 118.30 firstly, and 117.96 on the way..
  10. Ammeo

    EURUSD Discussions

    I expect nothing too significant this week as there is not a lot of normal economic news. I shorted at the open and am currently sitting on a nice few pips. Currently looking at cashing it at around 1.077ish before a bounce. I will be looking for a price to sell upward movement.
  11. Wall Street And Main Street Both See Higher Gold Prices Next Week Friday April 17, 2015 In Wall Street vs. Main Street, out of 31 market professionals surveyed, 22 responded this week. According to the results, 13 experts, or 59%, see prices moving higher, while three, or 14%, see prices down and six, or 27%, see prices sideways or unchanged. Market participants include bullion dealers, investment banks, futures traders and technical-chart analysts. Turning to Main Street, 421 votes were collected in Kitco News’ online survey and the results were slightly closer compared to the market professionals. Of those who participated, 188 or 45%, are bullish on gold next week, 140, or 33% are bearish and 93 or 22% are neutral. On the professional side, analysts said they expect the U.S. dollar to be the biggest factor in gold’s direction next week.
  12. Ammeo

    AUDUSD Discussions

    Economists warn on Reserve Bank of Australia rate cut expectations Barclays chief economist Kieran Davies brought forward his rate cut forecast from May to April, citing the Australian dollar's failure to fall as dramatically as the iron ore price. While RBA governor Glenn Stevens has previously put fair value for the Aussie dollar at around 75 US cents, it was probably even lower now that iron ore prices had deteriorated further, he said. "With commodities slumping again and the currency only partly reflecting that, you've got a gap opening up again between the currency and the terms of trade and I think that's been a persistent source of frustration for the RBA," Mr Davies said. - See more at: RBA rate cut on the way, experts say
  13. Ammeo

    USDJPY Discussions

    Usd/Jpy has been consolidating between 118.00 and 121.00, the pair seems unable to set a clear direction at the moment. I wont want to trade in this pair atm.
  14. Ammeo

    EURUSD Discussions

    JP Morgan cheif strategist Jan Loeys just released their quarterly outlook report, (counterparty circulation material, not for public) Hes still maintaining their sights on 100 for USDX in Q2 2015 Highlights the fact usdx bullishness in 2014 was primarily weakness in the dollar basket economy fueling the dollar index's rise This time, the approach to 100 will be fueled by sheer restriction in supply of dollar as reflected by interest rate hike
  15. Maybe i do , Maybe i dont. I dont have any problems with my broker as of yet.
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