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  1. I have some interesting news to share here: - Italian markets cheered by new government - Japan GDP trumps expectations under Abenomics - Eurozone economy shrinks again
  2. I will feel great to share a database that allows you to stay updated and posted with its easy access to the documents from some major companies and commodities to invest in all with the calculations and numerical proves and its Quandl - Find, Use and Share Numerical Data This database has a lot for the traders to learn.
  3. Hey, this might be helpful to you: Quandl - Find, Use and Share Numerical Data Get unlimited documents and start learning ! i am too new to this Trading thing and this database has helped me a lot ..
  4. Great effort indeed ! You can add more information in this and it will be more attractive that way. I have been in touch with many forums since i have set my mind to be a Trader. well there is surely a database that can help you a lot in staying in touch with the world globally, and it is Quandl - Find, Use and Share Numerical Data The best thing is, it gives easy download in quick time. Happy trading
  5. USDCHF is now trading in higher ranges. There is an increase with the upward movement which is supported by strong US household and initial jobless claimers (based on data). USD/CHF is losing tempered by imposition of negative rates on Swiss franc deposits by Credit Suisse and UBS; broadly stronger demand for the safe - haven USD as risk appetite falls; position adjustment before the weekend. It is recommended to buy above 0.932. The pair will remain upside above unless it crosses 0.932. Bears will try to make 0.9395 a strong resistance and will try to move the price to 0.925. Either buy on above 0.932 (In this way, your target should be at 0.9395 and 0.941) or sell below 0.932 (In this way, your target should be below 0.932 like 0.929 and 0.924). Keep in view resistance level and support level.
  6. I have downloaded it safely :P hopefully i get time to read it now :haha:
  7. Have you ever succeeded? I mean how you get rid of stress?
  8. Both are related to each other but the reasonable sequence is the learning then earning , the earning is the predicted result of hard work and seeking to learn , and the earning not come by luck it may some once but not again later.
  9. It is not an essay task to know the differences between fundamental and technical investment analysis, as they are many. Most investors believe they are using one method or the other, if they understand the differences which most of them don't and thus, In reality, a majority of investors are using a combination of these two types of analysis. For me, I consider myself using an analysis which is 70% based on the fundamental analysis and the rest 30% of the technical analysis. I am in the favor of fundamental analysis ! If you are asking me to choose one of these two only ! But if there is no strict restriction, using both makes the most sense to me. Since fundamental and technical analysis provides information that adds insight to investment analysis. I use to use the Fundamental analysis first ! Because I think technical analysis is not enough alone to confirm the findings but it can be helpful if you use fundamental analysis first and then technical analysis.
  10. :rofl: Hahahaha not really have been rolling on a coaster all day ! what an excited ride :haha:
  11. I certainly agree with that stress can be bad enough to destroy all your senses. It's a dangerous thing to suffer from when trading. I would recommend that you take the necessary steps to reduce it before trading again. GOD says that faith is exactly what it takes to get through uncertainty, but greed for money is the first step towards the evil. Even if you have lost in trading first time, have faith that you will make it next time, for sure! A few things that come to mind that may help you including the obvious. :thumbs up: Reducing your position size so that you are comfortable with the loss if things go against you. The journey never remains the same, at times you may be sky-high with all the bounties that life gives you, but its just merely a few seconds, it can throw you down from all that height like none of those happiness were ever a part of your reality. Make sure you have a stop loss in place as soon as you take a position. Once your trade is showing a profit move your stop to breakeven. :hmmmm: Financially motivated people mostly starts facing unfortunate event in their lives when they don’t have anything left with them. and this is when they started taking stress. Knowledge and confidence in your market analysis are extremely important and will reduce stress as well, this will take time to achieve so position size and stops should sustain you till you have greater knowledge and confidence with reduced stress. Also have a trading plan in place before you enter any trade and stick to it. But the point is, who learn from his faults. If one has learnt a lesson from any of past event, he won't repeat that again and would come to know that greed for money is a useless desire. Some people may feel that, it is only about talks and motivational Ramblings and preaching that they get from every corner and are literally impossible to implement. These are those people who get nothing, but starving. They don’t have money to buy one time food and survive.
  12. In this business, one must invest his time moreover ! ! This commercialism business may be a true profit and enables you to fancy. There's the most effective means within the Forex world. Dump the negative news you've got been fed with, forex is sweet... forex isn't solely sensible. However it's the most effective and largest online marketplace of the globe currently. forex provides USA the opportunities to form a lot of on-line from home. A large range of out of work individuals square measure being concerned here to figure than wasting their time for sorting out jobs. forex don't time the upper practiced education certificate has it don't have restricted quota. Thus being a merchant in forex is the best of all. It should be risky or not be risky what ever it. I will simply trade with Forex on-line trade all time. Individual people who square measure out of work they'll work with forex in ideal time of each day. It's a word game conjointly. It is also an informed game. Individual people who square measure used to then conjointly work with forex in rest time as a result of it's on line program and it's invariably open and viable. Thus forex could be a means of financial gain for many people who square measure gathers data regarding PC and on-line net user data and have time.
  13. hahahaha I never mind :P I assume he has not yet got time of buying Gold He never know Silver almost hit 32.00 on the previous day !
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