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  1. I made a number of posts last night and only two of them showed up today. Do all new posts actually get read by mod before being approved? Is it typical for 12 hours to pass before my posts are approved or did my posts get denied. If so, why?
  2. As luck plays a big part in many vocations.....often stumbling not only on the right teacher, but the right teacher for that student, and prior to getting any ingrained habits is vital.
  3. How do you keep the faith when you don't know how far the finish line is ? Well you must enjoy the process, which means continual of study and research and practice on your demo account in your spare time
  4. I prefer to view the charts directly on the post instead of wasting extra time to open another window or application
  5. spending too much time watching the market made me impatient
  6. is some traders from europe on this forum
  7. TechSmith - Screen Capture and Recording Software. good,i like it
  8. I want to be in charge of my own monetary future. I hate to let others play with my money.
  9. in college I had a test question about taxes and about how the president is elected in America.By the way,i am from Europe
  10. interesting qestion,i will used 4hour charts
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