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  1. Many Traders thinks there are indestructible systems, once you stick to a good system you will make constant profits, dont even need to be right most of the time.
  2. Nice formation, and you close to target. There is so many people trading gu.
  3. Well done. I like daily time frame Will watch your posts here if you dont mind.
  4. This pair remains under ma200 and I think it still provides more for bears just now.
  5. Would you tell where is your tp level on aud nzd ?
  6. One of the simplest methods to overcame fear is do it automaticly or do it quick, no long term trades. I wish I was able ever to overcome my fear in markets, in case I will not be able to do so learning the first option.
  7. It's very interesting these price movements in gu. It is one of the pairs traded mostly by me. Mostly I do not take decision myself so it is big diferrence.
  8. From neural networks I use for some time is leotraderpro robot which I have set on finfx mt4 as sugested. Recently also started using Trade Vantage 1.0, and straight on live acc.
  9. Hi to all TL Traders I've only just begun this venture (since Feb 2010) and enjoying soaking up knowledge through great websites like TL at the moment trading demo only want to trade live again wit new technical approach lerning to trade shares (cfd), fx , commodities , looking for micro account no dealing desk broker with MetaTrader platform, living in UK New to the game and eager to learn risk management. Good luck to all Marek
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