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  1. :)Merry Christmas to you Ivan and all members of TL.
  2. Surelly interesting,for me the art of contrary thinking is an opposition of thought a different way to see the world and conseguently accept the consequence of change,that the contrary thinking done, in better or in worst.. What make me to reflect and some time worry me,is always watch like politic class helped to the media especially tv and radio ,that with their daily routine to oppress people mind, with a obsolescence news,this is for me not good, the obsolescence thinking .Is the dead of serenity of people.
  3. The latest italian news confirmed the will of berlusconi to give dismission but is most important before the ddl for stability law.
  4. Yes i know!sorry!but i saw in late after wrote the last post yesterday night that you started a thread ,about italy under spotlight in this time .i think that you are lucky and not unlucky to not being a soothsayer!i read sure your thread.is interesting for me.
  5. Sure is better,but i think that is the trading path that arrive in a determinate point arrive to meet both,and is more difficult,as fascinating. Yes i thing that is better that he will give dismissal ,is became a surreal government,full of comic politics ,that love play,with the future and life of people,what that i hate is that he was so full of good promises for the people,my fear is the people that have contamined minds,and if don't change also the way of thought and act of many people,,also with the new President,,is another government full of thief and problems.because,if the government see that his people have like the first thougth not the will of increase his wealth ,the government and all his parlamentary don't want only his salary amount 15000 euro at month more the life annuity after 5 years,he want to steal on every thing,contract work, etc and all the money destinated and other things also beneficence other speculating action on work of recostruction ,like abruzzo disaster,or other public work ,and the government give and teach all people and also new generation the big art of steal,i think and hope(for us) that also in other state and not only in Italy there are this kind of problem,but i think in less quantity,when i go in other state i see with my eyes that the thing are different and many time better. action reaction,is the true problem of life.and what you think,and which effect have in your state,the Berlusconi news ?
  6. You have correctly understand ,i like trading,but i'm awareness that maybe i like more my first work,and i'm awareness also that i'm coming in a trading side that for my unlucky,change direction from the big race to make money's,for analyzing why we are so attract to trading,there are many psicological and social side of trading that i like,but i fear that is better to return at the first thought,to make money's is better for my pockets,and more light for my soul and head,without think too much to other things.and also i'm the opinion that one time that we found a method,is better to stop to study from a bit of time,because we can become confused,and i don't like.this,and maybe i had stopped for a bit,also because in italy we have big problem in this time,with the government, with economic and financial crisis.like a consequence.
  7. Thanks for your optimism,lovely,ìm not so sure like you,maybe because i put in first position other topics,i think is the true problem or lucky that distracted me,from trading .since some month ago i love trading now i'm in a mystic and thoughtful time.maybe its happened somethings and i would like to understand better what!
  8. Thanks for the test,iìm just done,i'm an independent trader,or better the perspective are of an independent trader when will become one day my first job,if will become.
  9. Ingot you married at 4 years old?
  10. Its true your definition but for me i would like add that for would have a better image of us,there aren't difference between woman and man is an.. for me a big respect of ourself .a part of trading or life in generis. I meant another thing about the trading and his consequence interest in sex.in people.
  11. Yes,i'm joking about it ,some people said that if you gain weight can depends from the activity of brain IF .You are a trader so you live your state of being trader like you are.if you are a people that take cure about you,and love to see you ever in good mould ,you'll have a kind of lifestyle,you make sport,don't eat fat foods and don't cooking with fat.Lovely your description,that you imagine traders people that want some more out of life.maybe you are so ,maybe you don't think like become many rich ,but maybe you are more interesting at the consequence ant the effect that trading can product.I like observe ad exemple in this time some effect that trading has on sex and on the pairs sex activity.I talk so because i can observe that in many period of year sex are less importance if you don't take in consideration like a good lifestyle.Trading some time can killed sex activity in the people.My personal opinion how i live so.
  12. Dear tuccio trader i don't see nothing of funny in this post,its only the true,you don't know the ossidative stress?there are some doctors that wrote some books about it.you can read and after if you don't take vantage you can make A BIG LAUGHING ........
  13. tradewinds ,have you get fat in this days ?maybe is your brain....:rofl:
  14. Yes and stress make you more old ,because is one of principal causes of ossidative stress.its important to have a good lifestyle and eat without fat ,eating many fruits and vegetables and drink almost 2 L daily water.and make sport not many hours a day after 30 years old.evitating also many sun exposition without 50 sun protection.clearly the drugs use and alcool abuse :thumbs down: is neither to take in consideration,for live better.
  15. Yes,:: i try to search the news in generally not the term on the news that arrive in continuos,especially on google news i throw an eye ever.In Italy yesterday are riunited all the government exponent live on tv from senate,for talking about the economic crisis.
  16. ahimsa

    Starting Forex

    TL has a facebook page ,you can read or write also here,if you don't have a problem to make know your identity to all people of tl.
  17. HI ,how can i try more information of this american supercongress,today also in italy are riunited in a special super congress,but i try to search the american debate and i don't found,it.thanks in advance.
  18. The stop-loss use is a choice that a trader must do before open a position.if you are a scalper depends which time frame used,and how during your trade, usually.the traders that don't use stop-loss are awareness to the consequence and the dangers and don't like use it.but its also true that not ever is simple close the trade without saw the loss far away.if you really want use stoploss ,i think that you must do some weeks of demo.you can start to use a time frame to 5 or 15 minutes,and decide to put the stop loss not so tight.in this way the stoploss don't close too much early your position.If you don't are a scalper but you work with a more wide breath,you'll use stoploss with more flexibility.
  19. I don't know,i'm not so sure maybe its possible that my question is misrepresent.i mean that for me when we start we are more sure,after some gain and sure to had found a good strategy,for a profitable trade, it's inevitable that we loss,after the first loss we start to become insecure, and here the market don't gave to us a lesson,but are us that start to learn to take some confidence with market.When the traders move against the market opening a position without reflect or against trend,start to operate with a bit of arrogance,and here for me that the market punishing the traders.if only we'll have the same cold to operating of when we read a chart after the close,i think that we'll must all millionaire.maybe i can think that after some time,overconfident loss and insecure gain...maybe...if don't take the place too much fear to open position.and loss money.
  20. hi,tams do you mean,that the market has a way to humble the overconfident traders,if they don't respect it?or the market give a lesson if the traders become overconfident because too much sure of their success,and gain ?thanks in advance. ahimsa
  21. Me too i done a internet search (further to some psychology books that i read ),and if it can help you further Rande answers,that is a teacher in psychology. In psychoanalisis l'ego correspond at io ( I ),because is the italian Translate from latin used by Freud,l'io administer defense mechanism.in many psychoanalitic schools,like the psichoanalisis of i ,one of the first objective is to reinforce the i so don't happen that like a ship risk to rest at the mercy of inconscious. BUT i read also that isn't correct to assimilate io to ego only for a linguistic translate like freud done,because,in psychology,l'io rappresent a psychic structure,l'i is the principal mediator of awareness.the i is the central manager of every psychic activity.ego is a primordial mould of i . ahimsa
  22. trading and especially forex for me is stressy activity,but all depend to the life style of an individual.if you make a job like trading (but isn't the only stressy job),tha put you in a ever stress condition,because your brain needed to stay ever alert especially if you made scalping.make a sport like yoga or pilates ,i mentioned pilates because his inventor PILATES studied oriental discipline like yoga in orient,and in alternative to yoga you can make pilates without problem,especially if you couple this discipline with a bit of meditation,you can help your body and especially your mind to get a good equilibrium psycho.phisic.you can start after your daily work session,or before.the important is that become part of you and only when your body and your soul needed in natural way the necessity,you can say that is your lifestile,because you feel that cannot live without it.the ossidative stress is a very important topic ,many doctors studied the dangerous effect on the human being.this stress come when the radical-free take the upper hand on us.we must avoid all the wrong comportament that increase.it.this is for me a good lifestyle that can help to lessen the stress of forex,or better help you to trade without stress.
  23. forex is so stressy,that you can feel the sensation to have the head fuse with a consequence of nervous stress.that can transform in ossidative stress.i made fitness but never with almost 30 minutes of pilates that put the body and mind in a good equilibrium,after you stay better with the healt and the body.is good for a traders because help the posture and gift a graceful carriage many useful for who work many hour with the monitor.
  24. i think that is worse fear than ego .ego live most in surface in our conscious state,fear live more in deep in our inconscious,and come when we don't expect,and this is worse for the trade.but i think that the worse moment in trading are others because is full of ugly moment,maybe ego and fear sometime can help us for close and stop a loss or for don't open a wrong position.
  25. hi tradewinds,you can try to search the IO (i) is the same of ego.
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