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  1. Zdo, when do you do practice your yoga? Whenever you can fit it in or do you find it more beneficial to do it consistently in the am or pm? I've been so busy that I haven't started yet but next week is the week!!!
  2. I've gone a few times here and there over the years but am always busy and stop going before I get into a routine... Practicing yoga is so calming and releases tension yet leaves you energized with more focus and patience which is so important to us traders! Sitting at the computer all day gives me a sore neck and frequent headaches so yoga will be beneficial for the mind and body. I've read that there are quite a few big money management companies who have incorporated yoga classes for their traders. I'm going to start going regularly a couple times a week and go for walks to get some fresh air too. Actually, I think I should make a goal to go regularly for 1 month so I can see the results. Anyone do yoga regularly?
  3. hi there, i can't seem to post anything. i see it once and then it just disappears. any reason why this happens? thanks.
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