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  1. The fund that I use to work for lost money in MF
  2. The smaller the time frame the harder it is .... Ie sec to min to hours to days for the reasons stated above day trading is not a profitable strategy or practical any longer the competition on that time frame is too difficult and not viable any longer
  3. That doesn't mean that you are profitable or that you will make it....
  4. Day trading is dead ... you don't stand a chance of making it against the algorithms that are out there. They included analysis of order in the book, emotional triggers and pattern recognitions as well as prediction, i really think day trading is dead (not practical anymore)
  5. Stop saying you don't get filled that's just stupid ... get used to hitting the bid or offer
  6. The point of this post was to exploit and necessity of a hard stop if you truly understand how you market work In my case ES which is dominated by probes and rotations you can easily avoid having hard stops but that doesn't mean not taking losses lol I am not saying don't take losses im saying don't have hard stop because most of the time you will have the chance to be able to get out for less that what you stop was if you understand the market your in.
  7. I personally do not use stop losses instead i manage my position (however i typically have a 10 point crash stop which i have yet to take once). I think this is a big fallacy in the industry and one of the reason why over 90% fail ... just wanted to hear everyone thoughts....
  8. I would want a room were the person shows his dom with a live account and real money... you know people can make magic on sim .....
  9. If you can trade ES you can trade anything... the problem relies at people how get suckered in to trade for ticks..... as far as slow movements in ES is particular why i love the product because of the probes and the "boxiness" of the moves you can easily scratch and manage positions easily
  10. Technical analysis is useful if you understand the emotions behind the levels order book and whatever your using....Thats why it works because someone that entered at a level if when price comes back to it will have to make a decision again basically it analyzes behavior of market participants and different prices
  11. definitely not i would be chilling on a beach of find a funner hobby
  12. Im very surprised your not wiped out yet (should be fairly close)... and I work for an hedge fund
  13. We have and done extensive research on delta but found no edge .....
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