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  1. .................u in here???????
  2. plan on going long 1240.00
  3. there is not one good single answer on why more than 90% of small traders lose.
  4. ban me if u want to. My opinion and comments have value. I posted my comment and you deleted them, That post have value. Good luck in your trading
  5. plan on going long 1310.75
  6. Small traders must join the house (HFT, Hedge, banks, prop) in order to become a successful trader. The house will provide CPA, platform, data feed, desk, computer and mutiple monitors, bosses, etc etc etc. There is no way a newbies begin their trading at home will be successful with an account size $5000
  7. channel trading will not work. need to create your own indicator where as nobody use and never heard or seen of
  8. plan on going short 1351.25
  9. plan on going long 1328.50
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