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  1. darn fine post - this is the trick for us more experienced trend traders - no need to top or bottom picking - that is the rookies game and the road to ruin. Let the market go there first with out you - now the counter trend is your best friend of all times This is about as low risk and high reward as it gets. Good article - this one is tattooed into my brain... Aloha, Dave
  2. Smells like snake oil to me - but than again FX is the crack circus tent - the new gold rush where the get rich fast crowd go get broke fast. Any intermediate trader can come up with a "winning system:" that looks great on paper - back testing, but of course will not work now otherwise it would not be for sale! So really, come on .... even when I had my best profitable years I would not waste a minute of my time trying to hustle someone out of a couple dollars per day holding their hand all day when a decent market day just day dreaming in my underwear equates to many thousands of dollars. its, But it took many years and a few $100K to get to that level - but even than I would not dream that I could make that happen for anybody else. Maybe if i had a 100 month winning streak - but really we all know any real winner would never need to solicit strangers on-line for spare change. So good luck to you - after all in the gold rush many of the hustlers selling the 100 pip systems - I mean the gold mine maps, ended up being the real winners.:crap::helloooo::doh::haha::rofl:
  3. Amazing how many people tell the addict to indulge. Sure have another hit, you can control this 800 lb gorilla anytime you want to, I say stop - halt !!. Your bottom is in - you never have to suffer like this again. Over trading is gambling and will lead complete destruction of capital, sleep, and soul and an lead to other addictions popping up like chain smoking, drinking 24x7, binging on food, etc. . Of course all the other gamblers will not want to see the crab crawl out of the cage without completely imploding the account first. You can always dust yourself off and try this later. Look, I get it been there done that - and have all kinds of addictions I deal with. Go outside -turn off the puter. Find support from friends/family not some market snake skin oil person that needs your money. Good luck to you. Turn off puter - tune into life Aloha, Dave
  4. These is a summary of the core principals I see so many promoting - so it must really work well. * Do use all the leverage humanly possible with the smallest account capital possible. * Trade a lot during the day - just follow each impulse you have. * Risk every dollar you have on your trading - no guts, no glory * Assume that the technical trading book you read gives you a major edge in the market. * Assume when trying to scalp that you are the predator and not the prey. * Do not have any plan at all for trading, just log in and wing it - learn as you go. * Let your looses run and take profits right away. Bet all you have at once on each trade. * Trade in the shortest time intervals possible, after all you will be faster than any HFT * Always go against the trend - if the market goes up all day short it, and vice versa. * Always risk a lot more than 2% of your capital on a single trade. * When a trade blows by your mental stop than add onto your position - use margin! * Never have a real stop - just have a "mental" stop - you can be trusted. * Once you have a few good days than sell your advice to others, host a trading room * The more you lose the more proof its time to pay up $$$ for a better trading system(s) Just a few concepts any how - good luck
  5. I am a student who traveled to Moscow to learn from the great trader Klaviskiborg of the remote viewing method to see tomorrows news paper today - but I still need more help because I seem to loose every single trade even after I see the news paper from the future.
  6. maybe if you tried to loose 1000 pips per day you would end up making for at least one week anyway your desired paycheck of 100 pips. Just an idea?
  7. If you could trade and make money you would not need the "live trading room" - now would you? That trade had short squeeze for rookies all but printed in bold upper case all over it.
  8. I think it would be a lot more lucrative just to let them get drunk, fly them to a casino, and let them gamble with the $5K - I honestly believe their odds of making any real money would be a lot higher than with trading as rookies that under cap'd with a tiny account and trying to compete with the algo super-puters and hedge funds. If they were holding for long term of at least say about 60 days the odds start to go a lot higher they may prosper. Aloha, Dave
  9. Or how about Domesday Survivors on Meth - This new TV show family explodes their last dollars on their first days of currency trading but they were already on the downward spiral having already spent their 40 years of retirement savings on a tiny underground bunker, Meth, military grade assault weapons, ammo, beans, etc. Now on a meth run, broke and certain that their neighbors were collaborating to kill them to get their beans they take a plan of action that horrifies the tidy nice little town they live just outside of. Man getting way to off track .. sorry about that.. Aloha, Dave
  10. How about a new drama called "trading bad" where a savvy wolf like trader exploits the new and destined to fail novice traders he meets on-line into giving them the best trades on the planet. Heres how it works: the wolf trader eggs on his new trading sheep friends to share their position entry/exits - a little ego stoking they will be happy to provide that. The only thing left to do is to take the exact opposite side of the trade. This will all but guarantee fast and big profits. As the profits grow quickly the wolfy trader gets greedy and realizes he needs a lot more sheep - so he opens his very own brokerage - to get in new sheeps he offers massive leverage and first 50 trades for free + free trading classes on some so called new instrument like currency pairs that is advertised to turn their $500 into millions. Aloha, Dave
  11. I always thought it would be cool to have reverse trading system for the rookies that auto reverses every single trade, hence making about 90% of all traders on this system profitable. But seriously - your stop is to close or in an obvious spot, and/or you are a sideways chop - better to get out until chop is resolved. The best freakin trading trick is when you are in a loosing trade if it goes big time against you from the on set than simply reverse your position - layering money in only when the profits are increasing on the existing position(s) Aloha, Dave
  12. I also work from home. The longer I do it the weirder I become, but I am grateful for the freedom - It is what I dreamed of and I do love the freedom. I am a lot healthier this way since I eat clean organic food at home, get plenty of rest and play and no longer get colds/flus. I think the main thing is keeping the structure intact - no back sliding. I am a single straight guy but I swear my account is always at record highs as long as I keep the house clean - the day it looks messy expect a loosing streak. Aloha, Dave
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