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  1. Well, I do know if you want every three weeks I would post a trade on my blog. This trade should pin the pivot and help you in knowing when that 45 degree angle breaks. Just to help confirm your trade when it does reach that point. :missy:
  2. Well, I think most people who know Gann would believe that this is the center of gravity method with the 45 degree line. The 45 degree line was consider the 4th dimension, because it is at the center of price and time balance. The case there after is that 2 x 1 or 1 x 2 is an octave (2:1) or half octave (1:2). The question is what determines that it has support or resistance at these points ? :missy:
  3. In physics there is time, motion, and space as well price is consider vibration or a rate there of pertaining to a law of vibration. Now of course price exist but to foreceast it down to the exact vibration rate, and converting by days to get price is hard. I havn't got that down yet, because it is the reverse engineering that is difficult. W.D Gann says the time element is the most important thing, and it doesn't matter if you know the price make the trade. I have witness and prove his 1909 ticker interview, but still collecting large resources and tiime to break into this. When I mention any of the above it just means or pertains to forecasting not. If you don't agree with me than just see what I buy in my tri weekly blog and I will prove thee more often than not. :missy:
  4. I am only teaching by what you can pick up or by expanding your inner wisdom and effort. What I am not going to do is give anyone the holy grail, because I said that it was and is to complicated to explained simply. I have put years into this and produced the losses to trade with better sound knowledge now. Honestly it is quite the grail, and though not perfect it is above Gann in some ways. First thing that is most important is to train the spirit of the MIND to gain awareness and concentration. What I want you to understand is that its better to teach a man how to fish, than to just give him a fish. I saw that I went in a different direction that Gann, but came out ahead of him with Time and Space. Maybe not Price but among Masters I don't believe that one person will hold every specific knowledge to highest in their own. Only Almighty God is all knowing, so if you understand why I treasure knowledge, and would give it out to those who can shape their minds and be better by lifting the spirit. W.D Gann study is all spirit and soul, and so is general trading but specially this style of study and research. Knowledge will come to one who have the spirit to break it and grasp that vibration in their soul. I have just taught the unnatural squares and unnatural triangles exists which is sincere do not take this in false hope. By knowing this one who study Gann will waste time just to study the regular geometrical forms. :missy:
  5. As far as the concept of geometry goes it is a hidden secret, due to the order of Squares and Triangles not known by the standard geometrical forms. I call this the unnatural Squares and Triangles of which Gann may refer to that all tops and bottoms come off of. This is the reason why Gann had to call his Squares by specifics like natural Squares or just plain Squares as in unnatural Squares. These unnatural Squares and Triangles are proven by Time, Motion, and Space values all based by an algebraic equation. They have nothing to do with Gann emblem where, say the Square of 144 and the Inner Square is 72 for example. The above mentioning of the Gann emblem does not focus on that, but in the center of gravity is his description. The meaning of this geometric application to markets is that it really works out Time, Motion, and Space. Like I said I did not discover anything Mr. Gann found or possibly use, but I was inspired in that one verse and took it in a whole different direction. I have to say that it was one of the most innovated things I have ever put together for trading. :missy:
  6. Just follow the blog and go into the archives...all tops and bottoms will be there before it all occurs. All this just explains is when a change of direction is going to happen and if its a top or bottom. It won't tell how high or how low in advance, because I have not broken into price vibration rate yet. I have conquer time and space thus far, but if I am going to break into the later than I have really prepare myself. Some times it is looking at meaning into one self and asking questions, but I come to these things because of my Spirit and Soul allows me. You have to be deeply honest and express things to self to make this kind of knowledge come to you. I do not boast neither do I care except to be just what I am. I don't know why God made me to be able I am just able. Just except the fact of truth in anything, but know what is good and best or great for all. All is One
  7. Lets put it this if you're going to study the way of Gann you're better be able to put the Universe right in your head. Some are unable and quit farewell quickly because they do not have the soul for it. Infact if I ask you some of the deepest things in regards about the Universe will you be able to answer them. Can you look ahead of time and prior to the past and line it up to the present while gaining instant knowledge about the world we live in and the soul of the self. To study the way of Gann is the way of the " One"....do you know where the wind blows and whether the dew it comes from ? Do you what the Flower of Life means ? Do not use any kind of technical analysis unless you're saying they predict the future. Do not use any of any engineer or market analyst. Just do things in the seasons that come for specific things that exits in accordance to its nature. I am fighting real causes that lie deep hidden in this mind that you don't even know. To be artist knowing the beauty and the order as well the chaos.....do you know what soilder of God is in control of the order and chaos in this world ? You know who govern and hold the scales of the nations that decide if peace or war ensue ? To understand a single number and its vibration is the beginning to understanding anything on a Square of Nine Gann. Number is Vibration and it is our primodal existance in bondage to space and time in the flower of life.
  8. The explanation on that Square of Nine doesn't explain any truth, and just because there are ratios don't mean it works. You have to know the deeper numbers behind the Time Matrix, and W.D Gann never explain the details. I am going to prove to you that the Square of Nine requires algebra equation, but you're better with a blank sheet paper than starring at the chart. The Master Seal Unlock or better off I'll prove tops and bottoms free for a month right here. good luck friend :missy:
  9. I have knowlegde to his SQUARES and TRIANGLES along with the STAR OF DAVID and the number " 19? " that W.D Gann talked much about. I know also about the TETRAHEDRON and the CUBE of 27 and its connection to the STAR NUMBER SET and the HEXAGON NUMBER SET as well. I know abut the angle of 109 and the geometry involed in the market. The hardest part is piecing the Law of Vibration which is simple mathmatics to the position value and duration of time. If anyone is really interesed let me know, because in studying my method I prove that TIME and SPACE exist and it is not made just as clock work. You will also hold the master key to the market within the number 19, which will also prove the case for proof of the creator. The number 8 is the 19th prime, and holds the key to many things within the markets. It is the most sought esoteric breakthrough that has to do with the 4 dimensions of the stock market. This is nothing like Brad Cowan material, but is far more realistic and superior and expect couple years of study and you could be a lot better than me. I can also answer back to this forum and provide insights on some elements and techniques to help you better understand.
  10. A bro the equation for wavelength is (speed/frequency) or is it (velocity/frequency) ? I have also heard that velocity is really the same but given a certain direction like East. That does not apply to wavelenght, but I have seen the equation for wavelenght as velocity/frequency. In certain places I have seen it as © constant speed/frequency, so it makes it all confusing. I would consider taking alternatives since we're talking stock price data. wiki presents it the way I am describing it..........and the problem it seems to me is that Gann is really considering 0.255 as vibration rate or frequency. The way you describe it seem to be an alternative soloution ethier way for figuring out other important data anyways. Not unless a stock has a individual or natural vibration rate as a stand alone. I am coming off his 1909 ticker interview from his student Mr. Smith. I'll do some experimenting and test to see what works appears as coincidence to see if it can hint me a clue. Thanks labrats
  11. How do you calculate wavelength for a stock ? wavelenght is (velocity/frequency) = wavelength, but this can be highly consfusing because the way to calculate frequency is basically the same as velocity. Lets say $19.95/78 Days = 0.255 Frequency Rate The problem is velocity is also measure this way which is percent or price difference divided by time.
  12. what is your experience with them ? some of the books and its chapters seem like the real deal, but the topics they bring up got to be put together and work.
  13. I see what they have is expensive, but would not risk on it unless I know they're truly genius. Can someone tell me if they're worth what they cost, or is it not hocus pocus.
  14. Have anyone use the Murray Math Lines here ? I just order the book and starting to read stuff on it in the forums. MurreyMathsys1[1].doc
  15. The market is a big mind all at once, and you have to know if you're game enough to do in the whole world. The interest rates, wars, greed, fear, hope, desire, passion, cleverness, schemes, the good the bad the ugly. the last man standing and walk in the path of the omnipotent where ever he goes. we're all matter of this intelligent design and the universe is made out of chaos and order. If you use a lot of logic it is not enough to face all of the world issues invole like all the above I mention. Its not like you put a debit to a debit and a credit to credit type rationalizing. Its more like you sum up the game and now you have theory, because finance alone is not enough knowlegde. In a business where all you do is press buttoms to make a quick buck requires more and more ever so not relenting. You need a theory so you got to understand the science, and philosophy because you got to have a belief. Traders will trade what they have the most faith in, so how you believe reflects how you perceive the markets. This is of course what will effect your trading in losses or profits, but in this game most people burn before learning. There are always people coming back trying to use their logic and rationalizing though. The dynamics is crazy and some times you have to love that crazy to be crazy enough to know what crazy means. Markets can only move up and down there is no other chance, so feel like fire and ice. The 12 laws of the universe will help you get started. Of course the markets will drive mans nature to be greedy at times, so thats why herds and crowds are not rewarded. If you have always love to study history when you're little than you're better adept. Sometimes its good to know what this bs world is all about, because it will surprise you and will than wake up. The law of polarity or of opposites can help a little understand why some traders can't do it. I have to view it on my fractual, but my emotions are still different than some successful investors like Peter Lynch. I am more a person of understanding and discovering bold things that are the true mechanism of the markets. In the market its more admitting wrong than working harder at making it work, or else you will really not get nowhere. Stick to your supreme belief in what ever you most believe in, than erase all the other things and start from scratch again. Take the center point of what that remains and use that as the building block to connect a picture in your mind and start using your imagnation. You don't even have to be that smart wheather that subject requires a high comprehension or what not. You just got to use your senses and be honest with your own intution about what you're looking at. this comes from your gut, or else nothing in this world would have been invented. Thousands of men must have come across this to connect all theirs points to be successful. Start with something small but is real that fit your emotions best, and not what other people believe in all.
  16. build a mechanical trading system to eliminate fear and hope, and to be free of emotions in the trade. overbalance of time, and imbalance of order or chaos are the only things too concentrate on to understand the cause,
  17. Actually its uneccessary to trade, but if you want to prove paper trading and research its ok. Of course if you had the holy grail, than its not about the capital as you could take any sum and make whatever you wish. WD Gann took $1,000 into $12k in 1 month
  18. wallstreetsurvior is slow
  19. ADP does payroll for thousands of companies all over the country. Unemployement claims were up in the majority of "major" cities in the US. It is possible for both of these things to occurance. :missy: Jump in hiring sends bonds lower and stocks higher Treasurys slide after a report shows hiring shot higher in December; stocks rise I would double check this article on AP today :missy: Unemployment Rate comes out on 1/7/2011 Friday
  20. There are a couple of simplification to that question I think, because the time period is what matters. The reason why I say that is because the money management part of this, is part of the holy grail in trading. Letting your profits run and cutting your losses is no fluke given the right pivot point that you begin from only. Example: If my pivot point was July 2-9 that would be consider the right time period for me to manage my money that way. Livermore had pivot points and knew when the trend was turning. At a major bottom this form of money managing is best where you cut short your losers. I did this since July 9 with a paper portfolio and I am up 50% a little earlier in the year. If you're going to trade and take quicker profits and not let them run would be another time period. I have to say when you know you did not buy at the bottom than revert to taking quicker profits. Like I said Livermore knew the Pivots and he couldn't calculate all the pivots as conditions change. He was always using this method when the major trend turned though.
  21. In philosophy and science black box theories have been proposed for various fields by various philosophers and scientists. Such a prominent theory is the so called "black box theory of consciousness", which states that the mind is fully understood once the inputs and outputs are well defined, and generally couples this with a radical skepticism regarding the possibility of ever successfully describing the underlying structure, mechanism, and dynamics of the mind. [edit] ExampleIf we had a black box that we could not open, could not just "look inside" to see how it worked, all we could do is guess how it worked based on what happens when we do something to it (an input) and what occurs as a result of that (an output). If we put an orange in on one side, and an orange falls out the other. We can make educated guesses on what is happening inside the black box. It could be filled with oranges, it could have a conveyor belt to move the orange from one side to the other, it could even go through an alternate universe for all we know. All we can do is guess. Every now and again something strange will occur that changes our understanding of the black box. Like if we put an orange in and a guava popped out. Suddenly our "filled with oranges" and "conveyor belt" theories no longer work and we have to change our "educated guess" as to how the black box works. The black box theory is a fairly popular method to describe what psychology is like. We cannot open the mind and simply "peek" inside, we can only do something to the mind (show it something scary) and from the results guess what goes on inside.
  22. For years, I thought finding a useful slope for the 1x1 Gann line was what Gann analysts meant by the phrase 'squaring time and price.' However, my new understanding is that it is a literal relationship that can be expressed mathematically as: Price = Time squared or P = t ^ 2 For additional information and treatment of this mathematical relationship, please read my 'Time and Price' article. This relationship gives us the needed mathematics for automatically calculating the slope for the 1x1 Gann angle. To calculate the slope of the 1x1 line, two prices are needed, and a time interval. The first price P1 will be the price on the chart where the 1x1 line (or Gann Fan) is anchored. Usually this is the top or bottom price of a significant trend. The time interval is calculated from P1 by normalizing P1 to fall in the range of 100 to 999. If P1 is below 100, multiply it by 10 as many times as needed until it is in the range of 100 to 999. If P1 is at or above 1000, repeatedly divide it by 10 until it is in the range of 100 to 999. Then the time interval t is found by taking the square root of P1. Gann's Square of Nine is used to determine the 2nd price P2. P2 is related to P1 by some degree of rotation around the Square of Nine. The commonly used degrees of rotation are 360, 180, 90, and 45 degrees. P2 can be calculated using this formula: P2 = ( t + degrees of rotation / 180 ) ^ 2 Remember, the time interval t was determined by taking the square root of the normalized price P1. Example: If the trend top or bottom price is $144.00, then the time interval is 12 bars. To find the price that is 180 degrees around the Square of Nine, P2 would be ( 12 + 180/180 ) ^ 2, which equals 13 squared or $169.00. The slope of the 1x1 line is calculated using this formula: slope = ( P2 - P1 ) / t Continuing the example, slope = ($169.00 - $144.00) / 12 bars, which equals $2.08 per bar. If the 1x1 line determined in this manner is too steep to be useful on the chart, then it is appropriate to use a smaller degree of rotation around the Square of Nine, such as 90, 45, 22.5, or 11.25 degrees, etc. If the 1x1 line is too flat to be useful on the chart, then it is appropriate to use a higher degree of rotation such as 360 or 720 degrees. This technology is built into the Gann Fan tool in Ensign Windows. The Gann Fan is placed on the chart by selecting the point for the vertex. The 1x1 line can be located manually by selecting a 2nd point, or let Ensign Windows determine the 1x1 slope automatically using the mathematics developed in this article. The following charts show the Gann Fan with the slope of the 1x1 line determined automatically from the P1 anchor price at the fan's vertex.
  23. Well three are an interesting natural number that 21/3 = 7, (7X3 = 21), 2+1 = 3 of which makes this number balancing with time strongly for a change. I could understand support and resistance around this a number like 21 and 3.
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