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  1. Thank you very much. I'll save all these questions and think about them. It's really very helpful for me. About my current situation. Yes I am a trainee and I have a mentor. But I would not say that he's a trader, he's investor and he's very busy with all his businesses. Other two guys are trading but we have difficulties with language understanding. That's why I find myself lonly in trading.
  2. I agree with you. There are so many helpful advices
  3. Thank you for the advice. I agree with you. Thank you! There is much to think about. You're right that it's not only about money. It takes almost all my time already. And yes it's very important to understand why should I do it and whether I really want to do it. Good question. As for me (please don't laugh) it's just chance to try myself in something new for now. Yes being honest I didn't understand yet whether I am really able to do it or I want to do it. When I introduced myself in this forum I explain a little who am I and what I am doing here. Maybe you'll think that my motivation is not good enough. I just got rather unexpected offer and deside to try. Yeah I know very well what small business is :crap: I have read it with pleasure. And I guess I'll read it again. There is much to think about. (Felt like reading a poem, seriously). Thank you. Am I crazy enough...?
  4. wow guys! I didn't expect to see so many responses on my question! Thank you all for your time. And thank you for trying to help me with my question. I'll try now to read carefully each and every respond. I mean to think positive about trading itself and what are you doing in general. I don't mean to be sure in success 100%. Especially when you just started trading. I saw already a lot of people that were just telling "hey! that's so easy! i can do it!" and they lost a lot. I mean not to be pessimistic...like..."oh well...i'm not gonna get it ever..." So why are you doing this if you don't believe? Yeah i understand this. But it gives me some idea whether the performance of the company is good enough not to hold shares of future bankrupt. And again. When you analyse financial statements for example and you have quarterly as well...so I guess it's possible to make some prediction about annual performance and be prepared for the market reaction after the report is published. This is how I see it. Am I wrong? No I don't think so of course. Otherwise I would not be here. I understand that trading means hard work almost 24 hours a day and it's not easy to get success. And I trade not with my own money which makes me even more carefull. Thank you for the advice. That is what I mean. I would like to take trading serious and not as game. And I'm just trying to understand what is all about and how people that do it professional feel about it. You caught me! :haha: Seriously If there will be a moment when I understand that it's not for me I'll quit Yes I got already that plan is very important to have. As in each business. I guess I'll ask about it in another Thread.
  5. Thank you all for your time. sure! like in everything in life. Thank you. I got the idea. And I guess you're totally right. Positive thinking means a lot in everything we do in our life. Do your best and keep it positive. Thank you. I find this advice very usefull.
  6. Oh well...it takes time. What are you interested exactly?

  7. I guess I don't know how to put luck in my favour
  8. Thank you very much for all your replies Yes sure. I got the point and I agree. Life is risky I mean I'm trying to take it as business, to get maximum information, to learn and apply my knowledge. I'm beginner so I think it's ok that I don't make millions from the first trade. Isn't it? I'm just confused when people around me tell "Hey girl relax. Nothing is gonna help you in that gambling. It' just about luck" There is much to think about. :haha: yeah great point! :rofl: Yes, I would prefer to take it as business. Business is risky and that's ok. I guess my next question will be what is the correct approach? Thank you once again. regards.
  9. Hi all I began trading recently as trainee. I was trying to make some plan for me on how to choose a stock and how to create rules. I include fundamental analysis (such as following news, market announcements, industrial news and business frames, financial statements analysis etc.) and technical analysis as well. Sometimes I just don’t see any confirmation of received information. Sometimes I just feel lost and don’t understand what is going on :crap: People around me keep telling that it’s just a sort of gambling. As I don’t like gambling at all I feel lost even more. Can anybody please help me with this point?
  10. Hello everybody I'm new in the forum and in trading. At first a little more about me. I have high education in finance and my best interest was financial analysis during all years of my education. However I was always interested in analysing and preparing real investment projects but not financial investment. What brought me here? I have rather good offer to join trading team as trainee and then work as investment adviser and portfolio manager. I'm making my first steps now in trading stocks but I feel totally lost. My coachers speak different language and I'm just lost in translations. And there are some more issues that make me obtain trading information and education by myself. I was looking for traders community and found this web-site. It seems to be very nice. I'll have questions sometimes and I'll try to share my experience as well. Hopefully it'll not be so bad. Thank you. All the best for everybody and good trades. Regards p.s. I'm not English native speaker so sorry for mistakes if there is any
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