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  1. WMCN is the question every day, every bar.... Very powerful stuff!
  2. Site is looking and performing great James. Thanks again to you and your team! P.S. Loved this image so much I had to snag it: regards,
  3. I am still learning to develop a more consistent coloring convention across all days. My larger focus is on the following principles: The fractal nature of price movement. The sequences of Price and Volume. FTT's and VE's Continuation and Change Always asking where am I in the sequences, how fast are things changing, and WMCN. A tape, traverse, channel (call them goats - lol!) could consist of 5 bars or take 5 days (more or less). As a Intraday trader, IMO, focusing on the above principles allows a trader to participate in the market regardless of the duration of various fractal sequences. Fortunately, all fractals develop in exactly the same manner.
  4. My view of the day... I think everyone would agree, you are in no way "polluting the thread".
  5. LOL!... Spydertrader once used it to describe something OTHER than the 3 levels... and it caught on among a few of the folks
  6. What must come next (for my anticipated place within the sequences for FAZ) did not today (I was looking for Increasing Black Volume) - and the stop took me out in mid-morning for a 0.61/share loss. The sequences revealed that - my entry was early with point 3 arriving too deep for my initial stop-loss setting (PT3 will be arriving early A.M tomorrow). I may look for another entry then and if so I will come back and share my analysis. Thanks for letting me share the routine I perform with you on your thread. I enjoyed it and hope to do it again some time.
  7. Attached are my updates to the sequences...
  8. The analysis, and projections are based on a few key concepts which I observe: Markets are fractal in nature (larger fractals are comprised of smaller fractals) There is a demonstrable and consistently repeatable volume pattern on each fractal. Trends overlap The annotations are a picture of how I would apply these principles of Price and Volume to anticipate sequences of current and future price movement. HTH
  9. I don't know VSA. But volume is a primary indicator for me. If you don't mind, I will share my analysis. Albeit, without the benefit of larger context surrounding the chart.
  10. Yes, volume (and price) is used to identify DOM or NON-DOM. More specifically, the sequences of volume within the containers (Trendlines) of price. This is the cornerstone of the principles and their application. As mentioned previously, I believe these principles are applicable to any market - and equities is a starting point (some reasons mentioned above). Typically equities use a "culling" process which draws out stocks meeting certain criteria desirable for spotting new trends (a time saver for those who apply the techniques to equities). I am using FAZ here as a quasi-proxy for the broader market in an effort to demonstrate the principles and their application. Today seemed significant to me in that it appeared that the broader market completed the sequences for this most recent up move, signalling a change in the trend. According to the price and volume sequences, as I have tracked them, this trend in FAZ (current down channel) appears to be also completing and so I am anticipating a new trend (up channel for FAZ) to begin. I am considering this new up trend to be dominant for FAZ just as I consider the beginning of the broader market trend (down) to be dominant. I also view this trend as a resumption of the movement whos price container began last fall and I consider now to be Point 3 of this larger container (part of the higher [or slower if you will] fractal). HTH
  11. I have attached some commentary and an update to the sequences...
  12. IMO, As one becomes more and more familiar with the routine, MADA becomes a series of sweeps and WMCN questions all day, on every bar, on all fractals. The binary aspect of the routine is that when WMCN does not, one is left with only one answer... I also believe that as one becomes more and more effective (the goal of learning to learn) WMCN ultimately becomes WWCN...
  13. yvw, Lets see how it goes Equities are a great place to start for a person interested in studying these principles. They cycle much more slowly than more leveraged intruments do (cycles being the sequences of volume and price). This allows a learning practicioner to examine the principles and hone there routine in a slower paced environment. Then as one becomes more effective in the routine, they can pick up the principles an take them to higher velocity intruments.
  14. I agree... it is a simple question... Drawing lines in real-time definately helps a trader make money. They don't even need to be pretty to make money LOL!. Anyone is free to draw lines after the fact too. It is a great way to practice learning these techniques.
  15. Nice trading... It is very cool to see how the market "sync's" between AH and RTH. I believe Genesis is going to be at Vegas... I will add that to the list of Q's
  16. I am not so much an equity trader, but I believe the principles I espouse are effective across all liquid markets. I have attached some analysis based on the principles of Price and Volume. Best wishes,
  17. Thanks for posting - Looks good... I was early on that PT3 call. I jumped from the DOM LAT onto a NON-DOM FF. When I take your excellent chart and remove the gap (and butcher it in MS Paint) something interesting appears... Sometimes I miss Ensign... (it had Gap removal built in - one click of the mouse).
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