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  1. Cool thread... In addition to trading, I also manage a paper route. As such, I needed something to meet the challenge of timely news delivery while still being able to trade in the mornings. So here is me on my daily delivery route: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnOh6WY4FbY&hl]...[/ame]. Now my customers really enjoyed being some of the first folks to recieve their papers but as you can see, some of them lived a fair distance away and I was occasionally missing the opening bell so I upgraded: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYEtQGLzvkI]...[/ame]. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xayE_0Pl-ug]...[/ame] Unfortunately, now my cutomers are less than pleased with the noise produced by my new delivery vehicle, but I am happy to report that I am back at my trading station ready for the day - long before the opening bell rings... P.S. Nothing but RESPECT for Andy Green... Guy is a lunatic!
  2. Now that is applying some context! LOL! Well, I snuck by with it this morning - but I recall a discussion we had some time back about how the market can present situations where one is lulled into thinking they are correct until they are presented with a similar situation where they are NOT. The AM tricked me today by giving me just enough rope to hang my PFC premise on. Admittedly, there was little breathing room in there for a DOM short. Surely. That darn PT3 was so close to my gap adjusted TL's I was second guessing my carry over values (and without the benefit of auto gap removal - I went with it). I will wipe off the lines and give it another go with a clear head in a morning debrief to see what I can see. Thanks and have a great eve! EDIT: ok, I will take door # 2... Down traverse completion @ 15:05 yesterday for PT1; PT2 @ 11:00 Today; PT3 @ 12:00, then onto accel. If I accept this then it was not this A.M where the initial misstep occurred, but overlooking yesterday afternoons completion which subsequently gave me an inaccurate PFC and placed me on the wrong footing. All times Eastern and [close-of] 5M bar.
  3. Get your Pre-flight check established. * Where am I in the sequences? * How fast are things changing? * WMCN? Perform the MADA routine Extract from the pool Wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. Who said anything about drawing lines... Its Vegas! :rofl: Really looking forward to seeing everyone this year. P.S. my view of today with a "Pennant Drill"
  5. FWIW, I observe the following: The lateral was dominant and volume gives increasingly higher peaks into the entry (i.e. no spike). The pennant was formed by decreasing volume. Pennant BO's typically create Increasing volume. The first bar was Pennant FBO on IRV followed by BO on DRV (Jokari?), followed by IRV with decreased volatility. P.S. Nice trade sscott...
  6. Thanks for the reply... Does the market confirm this? Price moving from pt2-pt3 of something sounds like Non-Dominant movement to me... Why would we call this lateral "Dominant"? More generally, how does one determine the 'type' of lateral the market is building?
  7. Some general observations and ponderings on Laterals. Observations: I observe differing 'types' of laterals. Laterals display sentiment. How price enters and how price exits seems relevant. Not all laterals are laterals per-say (i.e. one thing may end and another begin within them) Some laterals appear more significant than others (on a given fractal). General Ponderings (rhetorical): It seems important to distinguish between 'types' of laterals. If some laterals are more important than others, what indicators would lead one to pay more close attention to particular laterals? When certain laterals show up on the scene, where does one find oneself (with respect to the sequences)?
  8. Hey romanus, If 14:20 was a lateral, what type would it be? How does it change the context?
  9. I guess I am the sleepy sucker in the room then... Good evening
  10. Have you heard the term "cascading" or "disorderly markets"?
  11. I recall a few limit down opens. Watching the DOM go empty as stops were blown right through and the T&S eating up all the small fish, then the medium fish. Many folks checked out (for good) on those days... Very surreal.
  12. Was your HUD around in 2008?
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