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  1. Hi Rahul, FWIW, I view the markets as fractal in nature. This fractal nature displays patterns which are identifiable. These patterns allow a trader to track the movement of price from its beginnings until its endings. This pattern is visible on all timeframes and all liquid markets. With regards to mindset, IMO, there are a few key phrases (mental and emotional) which describe a consistently successful trader's mindset: Mental: Knowing that you know - Having a method (which applies to any timeframe and any liquid market) which allows a trader to know where he/she is within a price cycle, and to know what it's beginnings and ending look like and when they arrive. Emotional: Feelings of Support, Comfort, and Confidence - Emotions signalling to the trader that he/she has a firm grasp of the trading method(s) and reinforcement which develops through continuing positive experience.
  2. Clean and fast completion at 15:25 ET... and so begins a new DOM sequence. Should be fun from here on...
  3. Off topic warning: Last years Expo, 2nd day in town, a few of us are making our way back to the hotel after a fun day of festivities (now by this time in the evening I am feeling no pain - if you catch my drift... ) So we hail a cab, hop in, and tell the guy where to (~6-7 blocks away)... Now by his response, you would've thought this guy arrived in NYC one day later than me... Now I happened to be in the passengers seat and well - lets put it this way - I was somewhat dissatisfied with his keen sense of communication, direction, and efficiency of his intended route. But amazingly, after our brief chat, he somehow quickly came to his senses and found a very direct route to deliver us to our destination. lol. Good times!
  4. :rofl: ...Perhaps I should stay within walking distance... Hope to see you out there! The CO sequences had me looking for completion of 2B (tape). The AM sentiment pushed a CO tape VE so we anticipate a re-cycle (back down and back up the mountain - so to speak) again and I perceived this re-cycle as being satisfied @ 11:10 ET. So since I have satisfied this sequence, I am looking for a new sequence - in this case a non-dom one to take price to PT3 of the higher fractal. So volume then begins to decline until we come to our first peak @ 11:45 (Red), followed by trough, then another (lower) peak (red) @ 11:55. So I labelled it as R2R... WMCN? This is how I perceived the area. HTH. All time Eastern and {close-of} No...
  5. Nicely Done... I track the same L1 and L2 gaussians and also see the OB as SoC. All those VE's on Thursday have me leaving my options open on L3. The market will provide me the certainty needed come Monday - (IMO, This is afforded as L2 is the sweet spot for 5M ADA.)
  6. That is my shorthand, yes. With regards to gaussians (regardless of fractal) - Think about where troughs occur in the gaussian formation. R2R 2B 2R - 2 troughs occur in this sequence and conversely B2B 2R 2B - 2 troughs here as well Also Recall, Price does not indicate the end of a trend (on any fractal)... The Volume sequences DO. HTH
  7. Thanks for posting the charts. I see similarities between the 16:00 ET and 10:55 ET formations. PFC has me looking for that PT3 so I will be watching volume and the BO of that EOD lateral.
  8. Monitoring the Sequences, Taking Data Sets, Continuation or Change...
  9. I have attached a chart which I found very informative, which lays out a "typical" session and the opportunities which exist within it. Money Velocity.pdf
  10. Your annotations are progressing nicely as you work with the foundation building blocks. Ask questions along the way (if you have them). Early on in my foundations, I kept a few snippets of encouragement which provided inspiration for me to continue the progression. I will share some here: Have a nice weekend.
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