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  1. bunny

    Abb Nse

    ABB has shown an extremely wide spread up bat on ultra high volume in the big up bar that you have seen. As Tom and Gavin say, markets don't like ultra high volume on up bars. The price will then move sideways(which is happening now). For the uptrend to continue, the price will have to stay above the low of that big bar, and also, breakout through the top of that bar and we have to have a test in a rising market to go long.
  2. Sorry to bump this thread. I think the Wide Range Body (WRB) is an important indicator. Often after such wide down bar, minor retracements are seen due to reduction in selling pressure. even in this case, if you observe, the open price of the WRB bar serves as the resistance just before the price plummets again. There are mnay who use such WRB as primary indicators in trading.
  3. ehorn, I observed that some of the trendlines drawn by you have their guiding pivots just after the next one or two bars. I that a OK? I am asking because I was told that the pivots used for drawing the trendlines should be well-spaced. Also, the lines that extend in future - are they purely trendlines or have to added some concepts like Elliot Wave and Wolfe Waves into it? I have no knowledge about EW/WW so just wondering of it is that. Thank you, -Bunny.
  4. Sure, There is a lot of confusion on the last few bars. The 2nd last bar is just kissing a support line and the next immediate bar is closing on the high. Signs of strength IMO. Please share your opinions. Thank you, -Bunny.
  5. Hey guys, Please analyse this chart from VSA perspective. I have my opinions about it, but prefer not to share them to avoid bias. Hence, I have posted a vanilla plain chart without its name or any annotation. Thank you, -Bunny.
  6. THE_UNDECLARED_SECRETS_T HAT_DRIVE_THE_STOCK_MARKE T is same as Master The Markets. I think its the earlier version.
  7. I have not gone through all the VSA material on this forum. I have learnt VSA from Tom Williams' "Master the Markets". Its a free ebook which can be downloaded from http://www.tradethetruth.com/pics/mtmv3.pdf I find it pretty accurate(than most common technical indicator) when it comes to outlook for the next day or the coming 2-3 days.
  8. Hi tradebetter, I cannot answer all your questions, but would just like to share my observation, VSA works best on EOD charts rather than intraday timeframes such as 1-min, 3-min, 5-min, 15-min, 30-miin, 1 hr, etc.
  9. Hi traders, This is my first post here, though a mute spectator since a month. Anyways, please see the below EOD chart and let me know how it looks to you from the VSA angle. Some background info: After selling pressure of yesterday(2nd last candle), the price again sunk today in the first few hours of trade. The volume of contracts traded was not high though. Then, in the next few hours, the volume and price both started shooting up and the price recovered from its low to close on its high, with high volumes. So what do you think? Is this indication of strength or weakness. (Note: I have purposely blurred the name of the security to avoid any bias). Thank you, -Bunny.
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