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  1. This was a reply from Ezzy to myself Ezzy reply Ezzy full post
  2. Ezzy is the most organized person following JH Methods. If you ask, he has it saved and he can post it. Sincere thanks for all the years of contributions If needed, use 7Zip to open the rar files Ezzy posted http://www.7-zip.org/
  3. Did you try Mak's other version of his toolset ? Just connected it now and it starts up no problem. Don't forget to change the year of the symbol for IB. When Mak wrote these tools it was 2006 and that year is still in the settings. Just change it to 201206 from the 200606 it had originally. Keep in mind this is just to show it connects and works... the setting are wrong for pace -prv.
  4. Just started up Maks's original larger prv screen. I have to enter the proper pace levels yet. These are incorrect. Just started it up and wanted to see if it connected easily. I will run it for a while and see if it isworking properly but it did connect easily.
  5. It was originally written for IQFeed, but some effort from Ireland and IB users were able to run it with a few cells changed. Those instructions below... Ireland's IB instructions here
  6. Not sure which one, is this what you are looking for ? Mak's tools with update here _ 3rd post by txuk Mak's tools with update here
  7. If anyone is looking for volumepacemak it can be found here from Vorzo volumepacemak
  8. One of my favorite apps for the market is ThinkorSwim. Personally some of the best for charts on the phones besides prorealtime. Interactive broker is great for the Depth of Market. That is excellent for tracking market live. As far as a browser... Dolphin is outstanding. It is like using google with multiple tabs, home screen with quick shortcuts, great bookmarking, and best of all a screencapture tool. Go sms pro the best sms app out there. You can backup and store text to email, or micros sd card. Also a private folder and so many customizable options it is tops. App backup and restore is very nice. Backup all apps in case of a needed reset on phone. You can come back and have apps and settings back in seconds after a factory reset. Lookout mobile security is a nice antivirus app free and for a small fee it can perform extra tasks. Google talk and google voice are also very good apps. Advanced task killer works nicely to free up memory.
  9. Funny... today takes me back to all those conversations with Spyder about 3 decreasing volume bars on open look for ' w ' or 'm ' days. I had a headache for months LOL
  11. For those who may have missed this post. This is an excellent contribution from MKTr http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/34/price-volume-relationship-6320-112.html#post84360
  12. Posted this a while back if it helps some. Really could have used volume to better display. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/34/price-volume-relationship-6320-84.html#post77698 I remember a much better one created and posted by MKTr. If I find it I will post it. Maybe if someone has it Or the link you can please post it.
  13. ProRealTime or google - prorealtime mobile
  14. Try this from Nkhoi. He has posted quite a few Ninja codes here Forums - Software Used to Trade Jack Hershey Methods
  15. Forums - Spydertrader's Jack Hershey Futures Trading Journal Forums - Iterative Refinement There is a tremendous amount of information in these two links. It will take some searching through them but on the way you may discover many other things. Re-reading a few times can clarify areas even though you will swear they were not there the first read through.
  16. I did not have time when I posted last with a little help on port forward site if anyone is interested I will give a few easy steps to the site here. Go to PortForward.com - Port Forwarding Guides Listed by Manufacturer and Model on the page that opens below will be a list of routers. see attchment select the router you have from that list. a new page will open with advertisements. in the upper right corner is a small " skip advertisement ". see attachment. when that page opens after skipping advertisement a list of programs will open that you want to select the one to port forward. step by step port forward instructions will open. Many of you probably know how to do this already with your router. I posted this if it can help those who need it. Also you tube may have port forward instructions for the router you have. . . . Install a VNC of your choice on the computer . . . here is popular one RealVNC - VNC® remote control software and an app on the phone for VNC. a nice vnc for droid phone that works very well is Remote VNC w/Ad - Android app on AppBrain Thats it. Access your desktop from your phone from anywhere... enjoy !
  17. Just make sure you port forward to connect. There is plenty of info at portforward.com to help with this. Once connected you can easily access desktop remote from phone.
  18. I have a Droid X. Keep TWS Mobile on it. Works nice. ( screen on droid x is great . . . no eye strain ) here is a link to the android market to get an idea of some of the apps available Android.com - Market
  19. This is great . :thumbs up: Thanks for some very cool indicators.
  20. I have been busy for some time but stopped by TL to see what is going on and twice today serious spam. Looks bad for TL.
  21. may i ask how many contracts do you trade when taking a position and are you using a size management per trade depending on your setups ? thanks
  22. stick with the plan and trade whats displayed ignore the urge to create before it too late
  23. Such a beautiful moment. Each day will be wonderful. I miss those days now my little guy is 6 foot tall and he is 2 inches short of looking me eye to eye.hahaha Welcome to the world ! Congratulations James.
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