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  1. Dear Fellow Traders all of you by now must have a number one rule that has been ingrained in your DNA so that you do not lose money when you are red / green please do share that rule so all of us can benefit from your wisdom and experience I will start My number 1 Rule is Never Trade before news ( I have been whipsawed several times and it hurts!) I Wait for all the news to be baked in and let the markets show me the direction. thanks
  2. hi can someone suggest a source where we can download a stock's intra-day price by minute or 5 minute time frequency I want to upload it into XL and do some analysis the key is i want this intra-day thanks rxs0005
  3. There is another name for this pattern "Getevenitis" The simple solution to this is : Remember you are not competing with any one Use sell stops and adhere to it The key in this Profession is GET RICH SLOW!! and cautious you can wipe out all your winning streak in one trade Be patient and let winners run cut u r losses FAST there will be other trade opportunities even in the next 5 minutes Analyze your entries and back test them and the most important thing to keep in mind "PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL" if u make 0$ on a day its still a WIN ! hope it helps rxs0005
  4. Why Wall street will humble you into being a better person Brings the worst out of you If you are a warrior you will get up pick up the pieces and move on with wisdom You can apply these lessons in real life whether its relationships work issues physical emtional etc you will know when to cut your losses and move on it brings you close to your EGO daily and you need to defeat it in order to trade well and in the result be a better person on the whole what has happend to me is i have eliminated stress( thanks to sell stops) and i feel more focused discplined in all facets of life can you please share how trading on wall street has affected you other than the monetary aspect thanks
  5. Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game (Paperback) ~ Kathy Lien (Author), Boris Schlossberg (Author) A must read for all traders and novice traders
  6. Dear Fellow Traders , I read somewhere a very powerful piece of wisdom that i would like to share with y'all which has certainly helped me improve my score card Take risk when you are in the green or in profitability and take 0 risk when you are in the red stick to your sell stop and cut your losses We all know that when we are in the red we somehow cannot believe it and start to "hope" that it will get back to break even and we take those risks and it will be that wonderful day when the most unimaginable drop happed for that stock we all have been there my Q is I trade based on a fixed target once i hit the price i run and then of course i see it takes off to greater heights and i seem to have left money on the table what is better maximize the profits or hit the targets when it happens do share your opinions and views thanks rxs0005
  7. Hi all, i am in the stage of my trading history where i am Not losing money big time , i would say i have graduated from losing money recklessly by not sticking to my sell stop , being greedy , gambling , being impatient all the bad stuff. I have eliminated all that of course with a cost! and now i am consistently not losing money i am about break even on my trades. I am sure all your seasoned traders have gone through what i am going through my Q is when do i start to make money or rather how do i get into the realm of profitability since i have stopped the bleeding now what do i need to do to get on the green side of the curve from your opinion and experience thanks y'all rxs0005
  8. Hi all can you guys suggest which Moving average crossover is a relevant indicator to open a position in an intraday chart What type of moving average ( Simple / exponential ) and what period is most reliable based on your experience. thanks cheers rxs0005
  9. attached is the chart as u see the red CMF is when the stock is going up ! why would this happen
  10. hi can some one explain Chaikin Money Flow in plain English to me , i use this in my charts and its quite confusing i see red and the stock going up and vice versa also in your view how relevant is this oscillator in terms of accuracy thanks rxs0005
  11. Dear Fellow traders I have a strategy which i use to trade i started with Ver 1.0 and as i traded i modified it for the better -- based on the losses and winners now I am at Ver 12.0!! Ver 12.0 is quite different from Ver 1.0 but the main fundamentals are still the same. Can some one share what version's they are up to and begin see some consistancy in the results thanks
  12. Frank i love hold em and play online daily on pokerstars and bodog i love trading too and yes there is huge similarities between poker and trading and i am sure many have gone through them in this thread but what i fundamentally believe in these two games is " you play to win chips / money " what i am essentially saying is there is no need to play every hand but when u get the bullets or a full house or a monster hand on the flop you got to ride it out and make the most of it other times lesson learnt the hard way is very simple BE PATIENT it will come to u ! have a great week traders and poker aficionados cheers rxs0005
  13. Hi yall can some of you share your best day and worst day dollar amounts Mine are : Worst Day lost 1800$ on a downtrend and my EGO refused to sell thinking i will eventually break even and the stock just kept going down Best Day Made 800$ on a nice surprise spike thanks rxs0005
  14. hi all In Intraday charting how do you recognize a Bull trap , I see that a stock is showing a up trend and has reversed from its down turn but very soon it reverses the direction and continues to head down I have been caught in that bull trap how does one recognize this pattern thanks for your in sight rxs0005
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