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  1. Thanks for the clarification. With the equality sign at CloseOfData <= LastC_Cache we have a slight bias to the bid side. Did you compared the results with the original Marketdelta program?
  2. @swisstrader On markets like the FDAX there are a lot of trades TS reports between insidebid and insideask. How does your code handle this? Do you look if the trade before was on bis/ask or do you ignore these?
  3. Marplex has posted a nice indicator and video for S/R zones. Program 16 | Potential Horizontal and Vertical Turning Lines It counts how often a zigzag extreme occurred at the same levels and then plots the highest values.
  4. This is Version 2.5, Rev3-2 20090125190155WH_ZigZagFib-v2.5_20080302_IndicatorLastRevisedByStratMan_20090125_730pm_Rev3-2.eld
  5. cunparis, i only watched it the last minutes on ES, but couldnt it be easy something like this on a 1 minute chart input : ESsize (20); if high >= highest (high,3) and tradesize at ask>=ESsize then beep/alert if low<= lowest(low,3) and tradesize at bid>=ESsize then beep/alert ? i am sure that htey dont use a complicated tick/volume chart.
  6. Chart 3 @ indicators4trading.bravehost.com - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site
  7. Szymon, this gives you the angle Input: Price(Close), NumBars(1), MA_length(20); variable: MA(0), slope(0); MA = average(price, MA_length); slope = arctangent((MA - MA[NumBars])/NumBars); plot1(slope, "slope"); plot2(0,"Zero"); If you need the the degrees instead of the radians change slope = arctangent((MA - MA[NumBars])/NumBars); to slope = arctangent((MA - MA[NumBars])/NumBars)*180/3.141592654;
  8. Hi Tams, if a specific condition is met, i want to delete the rectangle. Does somebody has an easy solutiion where to put in the 4 tl_delete. Into the function before if value1 = 0 then or into the main code?
  9. They changed the behavior for the Currency futures some weeks ago. I wondered some weeks ago why the T/S shows 1 lot trades on over 97 % compared to the days before.
  10. This is the function i programmed for one code, maybe it fits your needs. inputs: _Color (NumericSimple), _DateStart (NumericSimple), _TimeStart (NumericSimple), _DateEnd (NumericSimple), _TimeEnd (NumericSimple), _PriceHi (NumericSimple), _PriceLo (NumericSimple), _Size (NumericSimple), _Style (NumericSimple); Vars: Top (0), Bottom(0), BarrierLeft(0), BarrierRight(0); Bottom = tl_new_s(_DateStart, _TimeStart, _PriceLo,_DateEnd, _TimeEnd, _PriceLo); tl_setcolor (Bottom,_Color); TL_SetSize (Bottom, _Size); TL_SetStyle(Bottom, _Style); Top = tl_new_s(_DateStart, _TimeStart, _PriceHi,_DateEnd, _TimeEnd,_PriceHi); tl_setcolor (Top ,_Color); TL_SetSize (Top , _Size); TL_SetStyle(Top , _Style); BarrierLeft = tl_new_s(_DateStart, _TimeStart, _PriceLo, _DateStart, _TimeStart, _PriceHi); tl_setcolor (BarrierLeft,_Color); TL_SetSize (BarrierLeft, _Size); TL_SetStyle(BarrierLeft, _Style); BarrierRight = tl_new_s(_DateEnd, _TimeEnd, _PriceLo, _DateEnd, _TimeEnd, _PriceHi); tl_setcolor (BarrierRight,_Color); TL_SetSize (BarrierRight, _Size); TL_SetStyle(BarrierRight, _Style); DrawBox2MC=0;
  11. @Urma What is the highest timeframe for that calculation of the GV?
  12. Thanks. I begin to program some of the “R-Vals” described in the pdf on the bottom of the page DG2 New Concepts Software – Drummond Geometry Do you have some experience which are worth to put some effort in ?
  13. Does somebody use the 5.. and 6... lines described in their lesson 2 in his actual trading or are these ideas out of date especially for intraday trading?
  14. I know. If i read goose posting correct, TS 9 will changed completely, offering a TS "Strategy Network" and marketplace which allows developers to upload their codes to a network like collective2. https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=90402&PAGE=3
  15. I have no problems importing ELDs which i exported with TS 8.6 2525.
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